Thursday, October 25, 2018

You've just got to be patient

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How to write a hit song?  

My next poetry collection is called Go-go, the now-and-changing counterpart to last year's collection of more enduring anthropology that is titled Caveman.  Yaaay.

I do not consider this new one my best; Big Girl and Big Boy from many years ago had similar theme and style, so what's new here?  Then again, that's just like pop - I mean it's just like today, effing 2018, a year ruled by stupid; a time to not do your best.  Maybe Go-go will be my first big-seller as a reward for its excellence in half-assing mediocrity hahaha.  Without the hyphen: Gogo.

You'll see the new book on amazon say in November.  I have been not-working on it all year, need to get on that; to re-arrange, re-edit, re-read, re-fix, re-view, all of that, then do up the cover - in a style counterpoint to the Caveman cover of course, and I have the photo I want to build that around...

I've been so lazy that I think I experimented and learned why you should probably not sleep as much and as hard as you can - it results in hormonal changes, I think, and they cascade and you may end up a little ill.
I'll try again someday.
On the personal level, woah, sleep is GREAT for you, great for the mind, great for the body, repair, ... but what I really suspect is that sleep is even more amazing if it becomes popular, like it's what the world needs now, you know?  Sleep is the future.  You should sleep.

You know I like astrology.  It's Moon-Uranus in Taurus now - full moon - so a perfect time to be comfortable about being weird.  You didn't know this, but I've become a student of another ancient science: Palmistry.   And on the opposite end, I'm learning about the whole Ethereum-blockchain thing.


t said...

Hands, hands, hands, yaaaay! I want to see more people's hands in real life or at least find hand portraits.

And so I was right. Faces are not THAT special. We can identify in other cool ways.

t said...

I just noticed that will and logic are transposed in the above palm map, compared to what I've read it's supposed to be. Ooops.

t said...

also the correspondence between the 4x3 = twelve phalanges of the fingers and the astrological signs is not the same as what I've seen about e.g. here ; the 'sun' finger is fine, the triples (sets of three consecutive astrological signs Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable on the 1st-2nd-3rd phalanx respectively) on the other three fingers should be changed to put capricorn on the first phalanx of the saturn finger, aries at the top of the finger of Jupiter, and libra at top of the mercury finger.

= Many errors in this picture