Friday, February 08, 2019

Words and songs and words and songs of experience

 I want to listen to stupid people.  I want to listen to crazy people.  I want to listen to irrelevant people.
What I mean is that I want to bloody know something about something before I start to think I know anything.  Call it research.

My teachers promptly appeared, thank God:
Inscape, a short story by Yaa Gyasi, for Guernica
an essay by A. Igoni Barrett in The Guardian
I've built a bit of a reading list (my FOMO reading list) of contemporary literature mostly by Africans now in like their 30s, 40s.  Igoni's books, On Black Sisters' Street, and I haven't even read something called "White Teeth" that everybody has read.

I have good ears, yes, but I don't listen to my mother.  It's one minute, or ten minutes, or sometimes, rarely, an hour, and then I disappear to listen somewhere else - to The Guardian, to comedian Stephen Colbert's show, to musical artistes, and so on.

    If you like boring gist, this is me overanalyzing: oh, I see, what my mother is trying to say is that she's passionate about food preparation.
Ok.  I'll try to build on that knowledge next time instead of fleeing the scene when she starts to make small-talk with a complaint about some food or the other that she did not eat, not buy, not try because she suspects that it is bad or full of sugar or full of oil or full of overcooked oil or bad chemicals or fat or full of salt or dirty or not good or not well cooked or...

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t said...

my current (tentative) african lit fomo list lol :

on black sister's street - chika unigwe
ghana must go - taiye selasi
welcome to lagos - chibundu onuzo
homegoing - yaa gyasi

blackass - igoni barrett
love is power - igoni barrett
and after many days - jowhor ile
maestro magistrate mathematician - tendai huchu

our sister killjoy - ama ata aidoo
the underground railroad - colson whitehead