Dream Chasers

DREAM CHASERS: New Nigerian Stories is the first book in the Nelson Fiction Series.  It includes some good, and some very good, contemporary fiction by Nigerian authors.

It was published in February 2013.
A portable 7.25" x 4.75" x 292 pretty pages, large clear font, about 60,000 words.

There is close to no information online on this anthology, sadly, so I'll add some here.   One day I may even tell you which stories are my favourite.

Camouflage, by Lola Akande
The Little Girl with Budding Breasts and a Bubble Gum Laugh, by A. Igoni Barrett
How I Met Steve Biko, by Ken Madiebo
The Curtain, by Tony Marinho
The Magic Ring, by Dulue Mbachu
The Stain, by Chiaka Obasi
The Great Discovery, by Kenechukwu Obi
Love on the Marina, by Olufunke Ogundimu
Too Much Pepper, by Tosin Otitoju
'Fur Elise' by Wana Udobang
Double Wahala, by Uche Peter Umez
Tough Guys Write Poetry, by Uzor Maxim Uzuoatu
The House that Hunger Built, by Jumoke Verissimo
What Would Saffron Do? by Molara Wood

Project Editor, Adewale Maja-Pearce writes in the preface, "The idea behind the Nelson Fiction Series was to provide a platform for writers to publish with a mainstream publishing house here in Nigeria but with international reach..."
DREAM CHASERS: an anthology

For more information on this collection of short stories, please email nelsonpublishersltd@gmail.com and/or email me.
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Dream Chasers: New Nigerian Stories
ISBN 10 - 9788440355
ISBN 13 - 978978440352

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