Friday, April 08, 2005

My baby just cares for me


I'm reading a paper about Hilbert's 17th problem, while daydreaming about glorious research breakthroughs, about future travels, the sounds of music, and all-that-jazz.
Yesterday, I watched a mellow Israeli movie titled Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi.
In about six hours, I'll be watching a dance show on campus.
So much is happening, and so much is to happen: friends' parties and dinners and such, SIAM talk, roommate moving, visiting San Diego, family coming over for my sister's graduation, taking brother to see stuff and to buy pastries, Nick's play, friends' graduation, another SIAM talk, movies, reading my stash of seven math books at home, research meetings with Xin and Maryam, candidacy, Christmas, language abroad trip, more reading and writing and research - exciting, eh?

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ipblsk said...

hey babe!
I heard the dance show sucked...was it cuz of my absence :oP but was it compared to last year?