Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free speech

An email forward from a friend: a secular Arab speaks on Al-Jazeera.


t said...

What's Al-Jazeera?
Arabic News channel

Info Tek said...

You know you're doing well when both sides condemn you for your journalistic approach. One moment these guys get bombed (allegedly by accident) by the US military, and the next moment Arab hardliners get uneasy due to massive exposure of their failed policies, which, more or less, are responsible for so much pain and suffering in the region.
Qatar and its leadership has shown that they are, by far, the most progressive country in the region when it comes to "free speech."

t said...

How often it takes me years to see the wisdom in your comments, Max.

t said...

The original MEMRItv link is bad, but here is the video