Monday, March 20, 2006

More blogs. Bibliography



Geocentric Universe
Ah Yes, Medical School
Higher Cohomology Is Inevitable

Michael Nielsen
Sidharth Jaggi's most excellent adventures

Some Words To Not
X in Vogue: Very Stylish Math
Caolionn O'Connell

Development and criticism

Money Talk
Global Voices
French Money Talk
Ekiti Legislature

Robert Reich's blog
Seb's Open Research
SJ's Longest Now

Bjorn Staerk
pleasure pure madmen know
The Embedded Revolution

Arabia and around

A Family In Baghdad
Cinnamon Zone
Moments in Words from Hadhramout
TIME: The Middle East Blog

The Arabist
CNL in Uzbekistan
Rasheed's World
Sleepless in Sana'a

Me vs. Myself
Syria Exposed


Bella Naija
Fausset Nigeria
Adaure's Weblogazine
Nigeria. What's On?

Chelsea Rules. Ok?
Musings of a Naijaman
Shola's Webspace

Aaron Rowe
Giant of Africa
Nick in Nigeria
Generation Nubian

Film, music, books

Erik's choice
Frances Uku
Daily Dancer
Iram Parveen Bilal

Tennis, dreams, boys, and gist

ATP Tenistas
Down The Line
Women's Tennis
Forty Deuce
Tennis Served Fresh
Tennis Talk

LA Rag Mag
Post Secret
Raj's world
Waiter Rant

Like A Wheel within a Wheel, archives

not blogs...

Sarah May Photo
Thibaut Photos
The Guardian on Gender
This guy named Kim
womenswrite Journal

This post exists so I can keep my main blogroll very short, while keeping track of places I like to visit on the web.
All the blogs that have been on my main blogroll, past or current, are listed...and a few secret pleasures.
Some of the first blogs I ever read - parentheses was perhaps the first - and a few that I just noticed, are here.
Some are no longer being updated...some have been newly revived.
I like most of them very much.

January 27,2007 update: list now in rough categories, but still expect to be surprised.
February 28, 2007 update: adding directories, such as findnigeria.


Frances Uku said...

so very nice to hear from you again tosin - email me, will ya? my first name dot my last name at gmail.


Info Tek said...

Nice links there Tosin. I peeked Syria Exposed. Good stuff!

The Arabist will allow me to get up to speed with Arabic -- should I wish to pursue it -- since some of my closest friends (mostly Lebs) speak it, and I've managed to pick up stuff here and there over the years.

Shukran! :-)