Thursday, February 22, 2007



I'm listening to the music of Banky on his myspace page right now. You should too. He make great success! I like!

Browsing the web today and finding nascent Nigerian lifestyle (women, fashion, entertainment) media like this one. There's some very good content out there.

My sister Taiwo wants to be a leader in this sphere. She has all it takes, including a business education, trademark ideas and a spirit that is singularly beautiful and very strong.

Unlike the larger Nigerian blogosphere, the lifestyle segment of Nigerian bloggers seems to have a network i.e. members link to one another, so that finding one helps you find others.

You know where else there is a tight network? In modeling. The young female models, from alumnae of America's Next Top model to home-grown international models from Africa and Europe. You find one myspace page and you've more-or-less found them all.

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t said...

The press featured Banky and Empire Mates Entertainment back in the day. Read here