Saturday, February 10, 2007

Surviving Picasso


1998, I was seeing a man who was famous for being a brilliant student, who was slightly balding, fit and short. "Seeing" meant sharp-tongued banter and kissing in the hallways. I assumed he was seeing other people, in a more grown up way. I assumed that had nothing to do with me. I remember the pretty film, Surviving Picasso...I was Françoise, the young one who survived Picasso. I had too much going for me to be engulfed by this guy.

Anthony Hopkins' Pablo Picasso showed a portrait to his new girl Françoise (Natascha McElhone) of a razor-tongued woman, his x, who "had a sharp tongue to nag, nag, nag," he said in a nagging Hopkins accent. "She has a sharp tongue to nag nag nag."

I started hearing myself say the same things over and over to my current boyfriend, so much my throat literally hurt sometimes so I'd say "my throat hurts, I can't talk so much." But I'm stopping. By the way, Raj helped label the stuff for garage sale yesterday. It all took a few minutes, after I spent 10 times as long saying we had to do it. What a waste! Nothing gets done when you nag - except rapid aging.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I wonder who that brilliant guy might be ?
Brilliant as in computer genius and MIT famous ?

Gee, I'm lost on this one...pretty n' cute as you are.

t said...

Who knows how to choose?

Erik Donald France said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Tosin! In Detroit, we're buried in icy snow. Brrrrr.

t said...

Thank you, and a very happy Val's day to you, too.
One of those times I wish people still did snailmail: I'd send you a card.

Kunmi said...

hey Tos, pls call me. btw so I am reading this post, and for some reason, my mind translates one of the phrases as "sharp-tongued kissing and banter in the hallways." Ha ha, so much more exciting :P

Mugizi said...

Ohh, I think I know who you are talking about!

Whats up T?

Hope the research is going well.

dhiraj said...

Picasso’s myth is basically a masculine saga of creativity. He had an amazing capacity to translate his feelings on the canvas. His execution of his vision was resolute assured and quick. Succession of women was central to his life and his work. Earthy and sensuous Oliver, delicate Eva, his ballerina wife Olga, beautiful Marie-Thérèse, photographer Dora Maar, companion who ‘survived Picasso’ Françoise Gilot and his wife during the last three decades of his life - Jacqueline provided enduring themes to his painting and acted as a muse to trigger his talents.

t said...

yes, thank you, @dhiraj.