Friday, March 09, 2007

I hate _


I haven't been depressed since I got here, six months ago.
Today and yesterday I've been choking with rage. I won't write why on the internet, not today. I just want to go to sleep and not deal with it. I've considered chugging some wine or cough syrup.
Then I found this site:

Two minutes later, I'm sharing the link here and maybe I'm ready to pick myself up and breathe.


Kiibaati said...

Spent the last 5 minutes wondering which of the rantings was yours. I must be going crazy...

t said...

Sorry, none was mine.

The rant I read that made me feel better was not on the front page, either. I typed a mystery string in google and that's how I found an old rant from the site. It worked in an instant.

Nice to read from you. Peace.

Erik Donald France said...

Hey t., Peace ;) It's good to rage from time to time. I use my imagination sometimes while working -- there was one jerk I loathed, so I pictured him as a rabid poodle. A poodle he was, but rabid enough to stay wary of. Elvis Costello: "He was a real compliment collector / I'd like to be his funeral director." Wicked!