Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A directory of wonderful things


1. Music Theory Online at www.dolmetsch.com

2. French Money Talk at www.blogCFA.blogspot.com is the newborn counterpart to UpNaira / Money Talk.

Also wanna know:
James Joyce via Ulysses
Poincaré via his writings


Erik Donald France said...

Love the interactive Ulysses. Maps and all.

t said...

There's one article of Poincaré's in Brittanica Great Books Volume 56.

Find online:
The Foundations of Science (Science and Hypothesis, The Value of Science, and Science and Method)
as well as
more full texts by Henri Poincaré

t said...


Music Theory Online: almost halfway reading the lessons - kinda cool. not sure why I care. At the time, my interest was inspired by Rufus' music.

blogCFA: the site survives, barely, mostly thanks to electronic English-French translation. My sisters contributed posts too. It's interesting.

Ulysses: I started reading this months ago. Reached page 20 of 780 or so. I find it harder to read than, like, Toni Morrison even.

Poincaré: I got the Britannica item used online. One of these months I'll read what them scientists had to say about their craft and life. Some of them could really write.