Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Art Teacher

Listen to Rufus Wainwright's The Art Teacher with unofficial video:

I just made a picture to the theme of that song. All was drawn in an interface on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website.

The_Art_TeacherThe Art Teacher
Second picture in 2007?

First came the Executive Company Head in the center of the paper. He's pot-bellied, in his home with a crucifix on the wall - there should be a Turner there somewhere too according to the song. Then there's little "I" looking at (and up to) the art teacher.

I used to Paint (using Microsoft Paintbrush) on breaks from work at Chrysler back in the day. (That was an awesome internship. Didn't know how lucky I was to be surrounded by such happy people.) The pictures were nicer than this one: I had better control over the "pen" since I used a proper movable mouse, plus I had an eraser, colours, spraypaint, cut-and-paste...

...really loved the copying and pasting - built an army, a field of flowers - pretty autistic. Don't worry it wasn't straight copy-paste, there was some realism: perspective, variety. Still, using a computer to draw wasn't the best way to relax from hours of using my eyes and a computer to "sequence processes for F1 build of the 2001 minivan" and my head really hurt from the strain.


Omar said...

Hello T! I have changed the blog URL for my blog. I had to. Apologies for this.

t said...

Thanks a lot for the update. Just updated the links here.


Franklin D. Roosevelt:

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.Yours is a nice blog.

t said...

Thank you so much, JW. Just seeing this five years later, but it's the right time. I appreciate your comment.

The video I loved for The Art Teacher - it seems to be gone :(

t said...

Here's an alternative video, but it's really not the same thing. Oh the 2006/7 one was stirring, poignant.

t said...

Here's another, but I'm going to find that first one if it's on our internet.