Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mo' Power to Mo'Nique...and that Mark tennis player guy


Watching the celebrity gossip show, EXTRA. According to them, Monique's beauty contest show for fat women has taken the beauties to France for a glam photo shoot in which they're wearing only body paint.

Mo'Nique is spunky, positive, and super-empowering.

What else do I watch on TV nowadays? AGE OF LOVE - the reality dating show with 20-something and 40-something year old women vying to be the girlfriend of this guy Mark Phillippoussis who's 30 and has been to the Wimbledon and US Open finals.

...Can't wait to see what happens next Monday. Last episode's elimination was delicious: the woman was catty, toxic really, and the cut was swift as soon as he detected her "competitive" ways. I like the show, but don't like the terms "cougar" and "kitten" - eewww.

The Science of Love, an hour-long "experiment" (and promotional machine for some dating site I've forgotten now) was super-cool too.

You guessed it, I also enjoyed the many incarnations of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. One of the big cultural adjustments when I came to America: men sitting pretty with women striving to bag them. In Nigeria, a show like The Bachelorette would have much greater appeal than The Bachelor. Men competed for chics, not the other way around. Oh well.


Erik Donald France said...

Are you kiddin'?

I guess there's not much on TV that grabs me -- maybe some HBO, that's about it.

t said...

They're not brainy shows or anything...I hear you.

Music: The song is "Girls" - Beastie Boys. Specially dedicated to Uncle B.

t said...

Mark picked Amanda in last night's not-so-exciting final episode. G'luck.

t said...

Now that Age of Love is over, I've re-discovered So You Think You Can Dance. What's new is that Debbie Allen - uber-classy HU alumna and choreographer - is a judge on the show.