Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ValleyWag is Good and Bad


Virtual Estate
Must commend the old media for taking this blog thing and making it their own: Time, The Atlantic Monthly, USA Today, etc.

Trop Gauche
Boo to the new gossip media for being so mean and distasteful: Perez Hilton, Gawker Media...I prefer the less innovative, but far kinder old-school celebrity-gossip-peddlers.

Drink for health?
Wondering: did people always drink water? How did they find fresh water?

Poor soldier no more
Crush on Wesley Clark. No crush on Obama. It's not business, it's hormonal.

Questions for Rafa
on TIME.com
Tennis Player, Rafael Nadal
Thomas Niedermueller / Getty
Drama has returned to the top rung of men’s tennis, and much of the credit belongs to Rafael Nadal. Nadal has proven himself to be the undisputed master of clay courts, but has not let up in his pursuit of world number one Roger Federer on grass or hard courts. The upcoming U.S. Open will be a prime test of both men. Use the form below to submit your questions for Rafael Nadal—in Spanish as well—then look for the upcoming interview in TIME Magazine.
...No questions from me. Just admiration. (understatement)

Power and Light
Once again, I have a chunk of my life planned out. It sort of needs a job.


t said...

First Fake Steve Jobs went to Forbes.com; now Freakonomics, the economics blog, has relocated to the New York Times website. The assimilation of blogs into mainstream media continues apace.
BTW, Fake Steve (is/was) really funny. You must waste some of your time reading it. Try this one with Spielberg...really everything under FSJs Greatest Hits and many more. Laugh-Out-Loud Tears-In-Eyes Funny.

mpush said...

Hi T
Just spent some few minutes on your blog, i'll have to revisit it again when I have more time, i found it very interesting in a meltin pot kind of way. I got to know of your blog because you visited mine http://mpush.blogspot.com/ Guess I'll see you soon.


t said...

The Wall Street Journal Blogs are really cool too.

Re: mpush
Thanks. Nice writing on your blog too. Keep up the candor.

t said...

Check out Rafa's US Open blog

and of course, check out the Time.com Questions for Rafa, answered.

t said...

By the way, good point by Rafa about Equal Pay in tennis. Equal pay is only right. Equal play should also be the norm. Equal pay, Equal play...that is men's AND women's sections of tournaments should have the same set count: either best-of-three or best-of-five. Makes perfect sense to me.

More tennis stuff: watch these videos in which Novak Djokovic does great imitations of other tennis players, from Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova, to Rafa and Roger.
See here and here

t said...

Obama is on The Tyra Show. He has won me over in less than 10 minutes (especially by making me laugh.) He's a charmer.

t said...

Obama is a very very positive guy. If America votes him as President, they'll be able to hold their heads up about the POTUS.