Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Birthday Suit


OK OK I'm 27. No need to be all dramatic about it. It won't shock me, I guess, to look up and see that I'm 46, or 97. That's coming soon too.

Remember when I was 2 or 3 and learning nursery rhymes from my uncle B "my head, my shoulders, my knees, my toes, they all belong to Jesus" and watching TV in 1985 when Nigeria was 25
...or in the car moving to TinCan at 5 and reading out loud EVERY sign on the way. I can still hear myself: "Snake Island Dockyard. TinCan Island Port. Bush." Over and over
...the night before Queen's College with mum writing my name - in Kandahar ink AND oil-based indelible marker - on all my new things while our neighbour who had been to boarding school advised on what to take and I was too excited all night to finish my dinner of yam pottage.
I remember almost everything in between too.
Anyhoo, same kid.
Being grown up ROCKS.

Happy birthday
to all you May 1st kids.
Happy Worker's Day too to everyone. Be FREE.


t said...

1. My birthday mates, in addition to Tommy Robredo: Shahar Peer, Magda (former classmate), Busola (former classmate), and Joseph Heller...

2. I actually wrote this days ago, then my (neighbour's wireless) internet stopped and then I was off on an awesome trip to a remote place without internet so posting late.

Erik Donald France said...

Happy Birthday, Ms. Taurus!

I'm also commenting latr by catching someone else's wireless ;)

Good company. Glad you're enjoying yourself.


t said...

yay, thanks.
Everybody loves a good neighbour

Fausset said...

ooh my..didnt realize u had another blog...i TOTALLY Luv it..... i luv Upnaira but i think lIFLIB ROCKS!!!

I remeber wen i was in Greeenwood as well...then QC..or wen u celebrated ur 14 birthday(i think) and all of ur friends came to the house and couldnt help but love us cos we were so;)that was like the bestest time eva..*sighs*.. how time flies...

too scared to grow up most times. life is too scary for me and i dont think i mite be able to survive it. :(


t said...

Funny Tai was just talking about that day today, reinding me of all the people that attended (15th birthday) and the fun it wa for you two.