Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lend me some sugar, I AM your neighbour


FINALLY went out of Cairo last weekend, to Fayid for an AIESEC conference. It was the most extroverted and amazing time hanging out with a hundred driven, screaming, university kids. Finally, dancing!

Though the Pyramids are in nearby Giza, I still haven't visited. The other day I reached the entrance and saw a golf course and skipped the Pyramids for a golf lesson, and hung out with my teacher/caddy and his family afterwards.

One day I checked out the Egyptian museum near my house. The museum is rich and grand with hundreds of large statues and mummies and countless objects. The mummies are a special experience: you can hear their stories if you listen closely - the dead child, his disconsolate young mother, the enterprising, the princess...they walked the earth and now they're done and must lie, only lie, in death.

Only a couple of months to go in this city, so I'm eager to soak up the fun. I also need to do tourist things - Pyramids, Alexandria, Luxor, Red Sea (Dhihab or Sharm El-Sheikh), shopping or whatever. Some friends may visit in Egypt soon so I'll show them around. Living is more fun than touring...Surprised at how much I've fallen in love with crazy Misr.

Now I really want to go to Oman and of course back to Yemen. And next year to check out Dubai.


Erik Donald France said...

Sounds fun, and grand. Carry on, t ;)

t said...

Couldn't help adding that Shirley BASSEY is half Nigerian, like SADE. Something in the water?
Seal is Nigerian. You knew that, right? His wife is Heidi Klum.

t said...

Nine days ago, did some quick buying at Khan-e-Khalili, then last week i went to the Pyramids with Missy and crew. That was grand.