Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm No Superman


I should totally have watched SCRUBS all those times I saw it on TV in Cali. Ah well, I bought the pirated $1.50 version. Just finished Season One. Bliss. On to Season Two. I just curled my toes, feel so good thinking about it.

I've been living in my parents' home since late July 2009. Thank you. We're in the phase in which they think I'm a Barbie - I've been so compliant. I'm breaking the first of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - something about taking responsibility for your actions, "Be Proactive." Not being proactive sucks. But I'll call it research for my book, lol.

Scrubs is really amazing. I should have watched that in grad school, instead of the dating show marathons. Ah but they were good: Elimidate, Change of Heart, The Fifth Wheel, the other one I can't remember, Blind Date...then the weeklies: Bachelor, Bachelorette etc. Ah what a mindless shame.

I wonder what the world is up to now in its race towards its future reality. Hope it's good.


Erik Donald France said...

I've only seen snippets of SCRUBS. It seems like a delicate blend of comedy and drama. Saw the goofy doctor in a scene from Platoon recently -- and Johnny Depp. Weird.

Dee said...

For some reason I haven't commented on your page in a while...
Scrubs! oh I live for that show...its goofy, silly and mad funny! Its comedy therapy given at the right dose.
You should watch 'That 70s Show'