Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things to buy


Look, art, from Nigeria.
1. Ituen Basi
great stuff in 2009. I hope she does even better in future when I have more money and interest in fashion.

2. Gidan Nodza
the best bags, possibly made by a friend, or maybe just someone with the same name and intellect.

3. Nike Arts
her new gallery in Lekki (Lagos) is the place to visit. she sells top-of-the-line wall art (paintings, especially) typically in the low four-figures (six figures in naira.) It's really big. My friend says it's like the Tate (London.) Nothing else like it in Nigeria.


可愛女人 said...


t said...

yep. i agree. lol

Erik Donald France said...

As soon as I start a new job ;->