Thursday, August 25, 2011

Afropolitan / African anthem


Mr. Skills aka JJC is the musician behind one of my favourite beats: We Are Africans.
Last year I showed you the ORIGINAL, the Africa Unite Remix, and the Naija (Nigerian) remix featuring DaGrin and others.
That is THE anthem y'all and now there are even more remixes.

Let's travel...
to Sierra Leone for the Salone version:

and to Zimbabwe for the Southern African beat:

There is a 9ja Street mix, a more local version of the Naija remix:

I also found some techno and acoustic versions on youtube.

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t said...

If you've already watched all:
the original, the Naija remixes, and the Salone and Zim and AfricaUnite mixes, then check out:
Funky Roots remix, featuring Sway from Ghana;
techno-trance "Hez remix";
acoustic, "JUSA remix".