Saturday, September 03, 2011


Noticed the video inserts in my recent posts?
It's nice to have somewhat decent internet, that's why I can actually watch and embed video without too much fuss.
Someday you'll read my"Video" poem: verse-coated raunchiness in which I'm well pleased.
Speaking of...I like Le'mmon. That's All (Explicit/Uncut) is one of his many songs. Listen.
Here are a few more Mellow Yellow singles by Le'mmon: Radio, and Have you seen her.

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t said...

Will try to get the FTA mp3s back. Really upset that this song disappeared.

t said...

Yeah! Here it is, on reverbnation: That's All (uncut)

t said...

I just worked on and posted a full interview with Le'mmon. So proud of this: Six Questions with musician Le'mmon