Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Mistress of Spices

Here is another good movie: The Mistress of Spices , starring Aishwarya Rai with two important supporting actors with Nigerian names too. 
Remember A Touch of Spice, that other aromatic movie I raved about six years ago? 
Like, how many of these films taught me to dance, opened my eyes - or that other eye - and made me notice beauty more consciously.  This has been especially true with the films I barely understood, so (for the right-brain, at least) it's the mystery that is so educational.
Aish is the queen
 I want to thank them all, lol, all these little spiritualists that make movies.  To think that "Mistress of Spices" got bad critical reviews and probably made only a million dollars.  What a world, in which there are so many good movies that we don't know how to love them all. 

Fenugreek, they say, is for Tuesdays.  For me, Fenugreek is for Yemen, and that frothy bowl of saltah I had when I thought I might be getting ill, and of course I didn't get very sick in the end.  The sun burned the sickness away.  And the saltah and honey did the rest. 


Anonymous said...

I need to find this film. You know, she is beautiful but I don't think Aish is my favourite Bollywood actress. I think her beauty is distracting even...but her performances are not that great either. It's a toss up.

Erik Donald France said...

Cool -- I'll see if I can order this.

t said...

Haha Igbolovah, she may not be the best but she's the most recognizable. But wow, she is beautiful. At least no one is arguing that :)

Some people prefer Kareena Kapoor because she's taken more risks e.g. playing a prostitute. Maybe.

Hi Hi Erik, your birthday season is upon us again - have loads of fun.