Tuesday, November 06, 2012

They're still single?

The Venus and Serena show has come and gone.  Lagos, Nigeria enjoyed their visit (pics), which included a glam gala (which I ALMOST attended) and an exhibition match (couldn't make that one, either.)
Well, a few years ago, I had nothing better to do, so I sat around matching people - celebs, friends, celebs with friends, etc.  It must have been early 2009.  I made 48 pairings.
Many of them are married now, not to each other.  Some of those would mind if I wrote out their matches, so I'll keep them safely in my diary.

But Venus, well, she should hook up with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Both are single, right?
I have Serena Williams with Mark Cuban.  Not sure what I was thinking.  She should just get back with musician Common. 
Matched Dinara Safina with a friend of mine named Ali.
Matched Martina Hingis (oops, she's married) with Jonathan Rhys-Myers.

Justin Timberlake just got married, but not to my pick Chelsea Clinton.  Lol.

Maria Sharapova just got un-engaged, so now she has another chance to grab her true soulmate Mario Ancic.

Ok, this one is weird, Chris Brown + Svetlana Kuznetsova.
Kirsten Dunst + Feliciano Lopez is not so bad.
Ivanka Trump + Novak Djokovic, though neither is on the market.

I found Xisca (Rafa Nadal's long-term girlfriend) a great alternative match, so, you know, tell her ;)

Matched my friend Lisa T. with David Ferrer.  Another friend Lisa T. with James Blake.  And a third Lisa with my high-school sweetheart K.  Too much fun.

At least musically, Jennifer Hudson needs Babyface, Kenneth Edmonds.
I liked Marion Jones + Eddie Murphy, Jessica Simpson + Cristiano Ronaldo, Ana Ivanovic + Clive Owen, Lisa Ling + Jamie Foxx, ...
Malia (l) and Sasha (r) Obama do tennis
 I'm going to match Malia (the legs) Obama with a new sport.  Two words: cross country.


kola said...

Serena Williams with Mark Cuban? LOL too funny!

Dare To Be said...

lol! this is absolutely hilarious! It must be crazy fun pairing people up:)

t said...

what can i say, it's sheer madness.