Saturday, January 19, 2013

That's All - the original

The best song by Le'mmon in my opinion is this one.
It used to be called Fucking That's All, then just That's All, then the chorus and title were changed to Lovin' That's All (because you don't want to anger delicate ladies) then the song was retired completely and some crap compromise song given the same title.
So, yeah, as K'Naan said, it's not easy to want to get airplay and yet want to sing from the heart.  But many times, the songs that are true are the ones that will "connect" and become unforgettable. 

Pre-Lengoma Songlist
1- The Original, Uncut, That's All
2- People Change
3- Radio
4- Have You Seen Her
5- Celebrate
6- Sweat
7- Unbelievable (vid)
The first four or so are really nice songs, even if nobody cares about them.
Vincent Le'mmon Osuagwu
Thank God, he also has a booty-shake video and stuff too, so he can pay the bills, lol.

Rejected by All (Mixtape) songlist:
1 – F***ing Thats All
2 – Sounds Right
3- Lengoma (video)
4 – Pimp Blues
5 – Lust
6 – Sweet Dreams
7 – Immortality
8 – She Wants Ft Phenom

I mentioned Le'mmon before, here.


Kola said...

you know, i think what you said is true for almost anything in life. trendy things will be popular for a while. heart things will stay relevant for a lifetime

t said...

:) I hear you.

Been listening to a lot of Le'mmon and K'Naan since the weekend. Both are distinctive artistes with some missteps (only my opinion) but mostly really really good. Great elements in many of their songs.

Now listening to 15 mins away, in which K'Naan hip hops about the joy of Western Union money for the broke immigrant. You know, so real, and a really hopping song.