Saturday, May 25, 2013

I painted Obama

Got the urge to paint this morning.  Having spent the wee hours watching a right-wing, campaign-era film about how bad life would be if Obama were elected president, I thought hey, why not paint the star-spangled banner (O say can you see...) and Obama's mug?  So that's what I did.  I think it worked out well - sparkly stars, dark tobacco lips, sizable ears, and a decent shade of brown.  I love mixing/making browns. 
Painting K - Obama - May 25 2013
 What's weird is that I had no photo to copy, just the memory from the video.  Memory is more powerful than we know, I suppose.  More photographic than we think.
To use up the left-over paint - waste not - I did this concept, think futuristic parking lot in some Tom Cruise Mission Impossible flick.  They're pods, not cars. 
Painting L - ipod - May 25 2013
 I'll show you all my previous poster-colours.  On April 3rd, I tried to imagine this dark-haired and pregnant Kim Kardashian in a striped dress.  Then I painted the shoes in front of me, my everyday green Columbia slippers and pink Mary Jane sandals.   The striped background is imaginary, just trying to dispose of the paint really.  Then I painted the decor in front of me - you've seen this one before - a cushion and two baskets. I had extra black so I did some sort of shall we say nuclear reaction and a twister.
In primary school when we used watercolours, I always had to draw an outline in pencil first.  But on TV, artists didn't paint between the pencilled lines.  In secondary school, JS1 - JS3, I mostly recall drawing and shading - pencil work - not painting.   Some fun drawings - Ife and Benin heads, light plays on still-lifes...
Painting F - Queen Kim Kardashian
Painting G - Footwear

Painting H - Still Life
Painting J - Twister/Tornado
 There's a nice pair from Feb 8th.
Corniche has a too-red beach/road, but I'm proud of the highway.  I was proud of it, that was only my second day of painting, and I thought it was special that I made the white median by excluding black.  Corniche is a real word and is the name of many scenic coastal highways e.g. Corniche el Nil (Cairo).  Apparently there's one in Doha, Beirut, ...
The second image is of a person lying in bed.  It took me a long time to do (few hours?) - some good browns, some strange browns. 
Painting D - Corniche
Painting E - Me repose
On February 3rd, I got started with this stuff.  The first two are probably not nice to look at, if you like harmony.  That was me learning what to do with a brush and a six-can set of moldy paint.
The third makes up for this by being very tranquil - what do you think?  Sol y Azul is the name of a Pasadena restaurant (maybe it's still there, there was a Buddha the food was ok, sort of Mexican if I recall?) and the title of at least one poem I wrote. 
Painting A - Red Skin Boil
Painting B - Virus
Painting C - Sol y Azul (Sun and Sky)
If any of these paintings is really crap to you, it's because my (phone) camera isn't very good.  Or the lens in your eyes.  Nighty-night. 


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Ptosyne can't just hold it back laffing here alone at my PC, where did dis Obama of urs hails from, is he from one of the Africa lost tribe or what...........if e catch you Mama Arikawe I no dey dere, make im no just cee de stuff sha, coz e go fink say weda you won use de thing ........yu know now, anyway it was a nice art piece from you, keep trying maybe one day yur art piece may get into hall of fame with work like Mona Lisa, Gracon a la pipe, Barte Handez, La femme aux Braz Croises.......cheerz!

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Well, keep it Up!

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Ahh! I like. <3

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I like, funny collection you have got here

t said...

Thanks, everyone. Glad it made you smile. Did it make you reach for a pen/pencil/lipstick/brush?

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I wrote this in 2010 or 2011; coming soon, in Sparkling Hues of White (2016):

In our picture perfect,
The sun hangs tranquil,
Yellow-orange, edges
Even, smooth like the moon.

Who could imagine
Nuclear reactions;
Plasma roiling in
That tranquil sun?

It hangs, yellow-orange,
In flat, even-blue sky.