Monday, June 24, 2013

The answer is no

I'm not going to buy Jumong and be condemned to eighty-one hours of viewing pleasure.  If I can resist, that is.
For now, I'm sleepless watching its counterpart Korean historical drama series titled Kingdom of the Wind(s).  Oh, it's amazing.  Only about 36 hours long, of which I've now seen 23 or so. 

You should try Kingdom of the Winds too because:
You'll fall in love with "the East"...They're just like us inside?  Who would have thought?  Best -scapes ever.  Mountains and fields and sunsets, oh my.  Gold-coloured fabric everywhere.  Beautiful people.  Statecraft, diplomacy, leadership, honour.  Swordfights every half hour.  Ninja stuff.  Subtitled in good, classy English apparently by PhD Shakespeare scholars.


t said...

So now I've seen Seasons 4, 1, and then 2 of Kingdom - that is all 36 chapters except 21-28. I have to find Season 3.

Like another blogger wrote, Dojin (the bad guy) is just as crush-worthy as Muhyul (the prince), if not more. Mennnn, Do-jin! Great actor. Stone cold, yet charming. The hair! Check out photos of the pair, you can barely tell them apart.
Then Muhyul visits the hairdressers, gets his grown-up Genghis Khan Master and Commander hairstyle, and fights with Dojin - click to watch. I'm surprised that he beat him.

Sometimes I laugh at how much they use the phrase "nefarious fate" in this film, or call a girl a "wench". Ha ha, fie upon thee. The Council chief is the chief of high, courtly language. King Daseo is especially gifted at employing poetic artistry in insulting people.

They really could have shortened the movie a bit anyhow. Still, I've got to find Season 3.

No, I can't watch it on youtube - internet is too expensive. The DVDs on the other hand are like a dollar each.

t said...

Couldn't find Season 3 yesterday. Couldn't bear to be without it, so I tried again in the evening. SUCCESS! - It turns out Jumong's discs 9-12 are equivalent to KOTW 1-4, so I was given Jumong 11 by the trusty salesdude. What the heck, I bought Jumong 1-8 as well, to avoid getting stuck with a craving another day down the line.

I'd made a big lunch/dinner, eaten a bit too much, so I had to go to sleep after less than one hour of KOTW (that's chapter 21). Anyway, now I'm happy...going to watch everything.

t said...

On the art of insults: Not just the Buyeo king, but also the Council chief...I should find some of the insults and write them here. Hilarious and very Shakespearean (in translation). Think scalawags and bumbling buffoons.

Yeon is funny because whenever she encounters Dojin, she can't help saying "Orabeoni" and then she won't stop saying that every five seconds until he leaves. Orabeoni is like "dear brother" or so. Dojin would die for her, he wants more than brotherly love.

It's not a swordfight every half hour, it's really every 20 mins or about 3 per episode.

Ok, off to get some none-KOTW tasks done, then to watch.

t said...

Before watching Jumong 1-8, I have a deadline. So I've been RUSHING my work so that I can get to the business of watching this film. Instead of working to an end of July deadline, I'm trying to send off the manuscript by midmonth LATEST. Say around July 12th.
Reviewing and in some cases rewriting manuscript from last year. Working title: All Their Secret Meetings. It doesn't feel so secret anymore...

t said...

I finished watching Jumong on Thursday or so. Amazing. Now I dream of Song Il-Gook and crazy Jumong-ish situations like successfully hiding from people trying to kill me.

I finished my novella rewrite on Friday too. I cheated and started on Jumong in the second week of this month, but it was OK because I had already made a lot of progress writing in week 1 and also I took hours or days off from watching to write.

So I ate my cake, and it's still in my plate. I'm as happy as can be :)

t said...

I watched the whole thing again last year. :D Jumong and Kingdom of the Winds.

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