Sunday, August 31, 2014

slave, a slave to a dream.

Deep down what I want is:

for everybody (well, more people) to read and/or watch the Richard Wilbur translation of The Misanthrope (how many times - in 10 years - will I read this and laugh like a fool?) Buy.

for like a million people to read Three Sisters or whatever I'm calling this novel (watch this space)

for my city to be in compact, efficient, rational, gorgeous form (I imagine 'vertical cities' (sort of), public transportation, open-shared, low walls, art heart, green and sky, ...)

Advertisement: Read my books.

I may have forgotten a few things, and my priorities may change next week or next year, but trust me, I want.  Will get what I want.


t said...

a sexy quote i just found here

You don’t need to predict the future. Just choose a future – a good future, a useful future – and make the kind of prediction that will alter human emotions and reactions in such a way that the future you predicted will be brought about. Better to make a good future than predict a bad one.

― Isaac Asimov, Prelude to Foundation

t said...

From The Misanthrope.
Omg, the DRAMA!
You know you have my love. Will that not do?
What proof have I that what you say is true?
I would expect, Sir, that my having said it
Might give the statement a sufficient credit.
But how can I be sure that you don't tell The selfsame thing to other men as well?
Well then, to save you from the pangs of doubt,
All that I've said I hereby cancel out;
Now, none but yourself shall make a monkey of
you: Are you content?
Why, why am I doomed to love you?
I swear that I shall bless the blissful hour
When this poor heart's no longer in your power!
I make no secret of it: I've done my best
To exorcise this passion from my breast
But thus far all in vain; it will not go;
It's for my sins that I must love you so.

t said...


Three Sisters, a novel, here