Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Lyrics: REMEMBER ME, by SDC ft. Funbi

SDC, Show Dem Camp, has Ghost and Tec.
Listen (Parental Advisory)

(Intro: TEC recites)
Time-travelling through space and time,
Lovers - she had many -
but in her quiet moments, the
only recurrent face is mine. 
I altered not just her state of mind but
her outlook on life. 
More than just the pipes,
I'm fixing her reservoirs,
taps, once dry,
are now flowing in torrents.
Vanilla skies,
vanilla kush,
flows in a room of clouds,
Thanks Agbalumo, I love the way you put it down.

(Chorus/Hook: FUNBI)
O Baby, you gon' remember me,
tattoo my name in your mind deep inside it.
the way that I'm gonna get you excited,
discovering places never been.

(Chorus, again)

O Baby

Object of my fantasy,
Yall there's no cover
from this loaded magazine
Sex is my weapon-of-choice
Murder is the case, you're the casualty
when I hit
every atom of your anatomy. 
We can take it slow
- drink, smoke, whatever..
I can be a good boy
but you know when I'm bad I'm better. 
Oh, you like my voice?
Does it turn you on? 
Are your panties moist? 
we can get it on.
Nm, nm, don't trip.
Love the way you play your hard to get
And I see the freak all in your eyes
and that just makes me hard as shit.
Girl your skin is a pool of chocolate
and I'm just dying for a swim
Wanna indulge myself in your sweetness
and have you dripping from my chin
I'ma get my beast on
Shalala kush, ching chong,
Now ride that dee like a seesaw
Giddy up, giddy up, hee haw!
Now it's my turn
Switch positions
Sweat dripping
Bed dripping
from the back shots
now you're moaning
that's your shih

(Chorus x2)

Roll a little, toke a little
get the room loud
Calm before a storm -
that's a kush cloud.
Your inhibitions' gone
it's something new now. 
No need to rush it,
Omo cool down.
No time to waste
but we need to take our time
Need endurance for the kind a heights I'm
gonna help you climb
'n' I know you heard that song
that goes 'borrow-borrow make me shine'
though it belongs to someone else
tonight you say it's mine.
And if it's just one night,
then Baby we're on borrowed time,
so all your thoughts of making love
I'm gonna redefine. 
And it fits like a glove -
that's the way it's been designed.
And I know you like to take control
so I will let you shine
I will let you get on top
I will let you start the climb
Your waist,
your waist,
I will let you start to wind,
I'ma let you speed it up,
then tell you Omo take your time,
and if you like to talk
then let me know what's on your mind.

(Chorus x4)

Getting you on that extra mind blow.

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t said...

Burning questions:
Word(s) missing in the hook.
Word missing in a verse.
What part is the Funbi feature? Male? Chorus?

t said...

this just in from the Research Department: ANSWERS! Yippee. Going in to fix the holes now.