Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Kendrick Lamar album review

Did white people watch Roots?  8-Mile?  They need to watch this.  To Pimp A Butterfly is (the one-word review) Operatic. 

It's Netrebko and Domingo, the best orchestra, 10,000 hours times a thousand tearducts, dancers and costumes, coming at you all at once it seems...You don't even speak Roman so why are you crying...want to be born again. 
Kendrick is a vessel - humble like a spring - his water is not his.
Never minding that, in the moment, you would do anything he says, while you search the screen half-expecting the symphony to pimp up in colours of Compton, courtesy of some little studio co-production, roll credits.  Episode 11: How Much A Dollar Cost?  Episode 13: The blacker the berry...

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Erik Donald France said...

Yes on 'Roots' and '8-Mile.' Weirdly, the mechanic who checked my brakes recently is named Kendrick as well. A sign to go easy on the culture brakes?

It's break time ~! Will check. It. Out.

t said...

So it's the race opera?

t said...

Another short review in black and white: "The Photographic Review"