Friday, March 06, 2015

I am rich!

New internet.  Yah baby - unlimited nights.  As my Naija people say, next levels.

It's been a fine four-year relationship with Visafone but Swift offered more for less.  I tried to call VF yesterday to ask for a better deal but no answer.  I know they'd probably have been puzzled, like 'take your business elsewhere if you like (or does this woman think she's in Yankee?)' but I still thought it'd be nice to talk before switching.

I feel bad for my 'phone credit' guy though, for a while now he could count on me buying 10 grand worth every 4weeks to feed my Coursera addiction.  I feel like I have to do 'Happy Weekend' for him now :)  I'm on my last GB with the current plan (shed a tear) , then omg omg I'm going to go wild.  OK not really.  I'll watch a few versions of Aida  (detail research for novel #2.)  I've blogged three days in a row now, so I'm clearly running away from writing, or something.  This new Firefox Hello thing, I might try it.  Revive Skype, which I've been off for years now.  Watch Papa's interviews.  Go hard on the online courses.  I used to think those people were crazy, showing off their ten online courses.  I've stopped counting mine - maybe ten, probably more. 

You know what else I found at the store?  A little plastic magnifying glass.  Was inspired by my science MOOC to get a microscope or something like it.  At some point maybe a telescope.  Maybe I'll go someplace where I can see the stars.  Maybe the North (Adamawa) when this Boko Haram rubbish ends.

They had acrylic and oil paints too at that shop, but I have enough toys already: piles of books to read, piles of movies to watch, crayons and wall, software and blogs, paper and postercolour, ... and now like double the internet!


t said...

Like my people (well, Nigerians, esp journalists lol) would say, it's 'not yet Uhuru'. The internet works, but not optimally (prob for the same reason I can't phone inside the house any more: scant netwirk density / low signal strength) and we're black / off for minutes at a time. Complained. Sounds like something will happen. ok.

Mo said...

last man. everybodi don port from visafone.

but i wan warn you about dem swift people. becos, them too promise but them no dey deliver.the one way pain me pass na de way dem data dey disappear, he be like say dem they cheat for that thing.

but make i no spoil anoda person market. make you look and see for ya sef.

t said...

Thank you Mo.
I wasn't displeased with Visafone per se.
The swift modem is large sha :D kai, if them wan send signal go moon nko? and the connection often dies for minutes at a time, even on the Island where it has four bars. On the other hand, it occasionally goes many times faster than VF, I've seen that happen for like five minutes.

t said...

settled in with my Swift.

bored with the magnifying glass. moved it to the give-away pile. I still have more than enough toys :) , not least of which is software and research to prep for my classes.

Patting myself on the back.

t said...

Update on swift, this is how to not let your data "disappear". You see the overnight 12am to 6am? It's not exactly that. It seems it gets switched manually from billing/daytime mode to overnight/free mode. This sometimes happens before midnight but often minutes after. Also the switching to daytime often comes at five-something a.m. So if you REALLY need to make huge downloads and such, do them between 12:30 and 5:30 and you should be fine. Or between 1am and 5am. Or you can test it to see how it bills and complain/use accordingly.

So far, I've found very helpful, responsive service with Swift, I mean by Nigerian standards (sorry). I applaud them for this. I'm a happy user, even if does get congested in daytime. A service rep helped me find the spot at the window where I get best service. And it works great when I've tried in Lagos Island recently.