Thursday, June 11, 2015

Three Sisters, alternative cover images

At lunch yesterday, I was telling a group of my kids (former students) to get Three Sisters, and one of them (I'm pretty sure her name is Tope) said, oh, I think I've seen it about, then proceeded to describe this 2011 magazine cover.
Monalisa Okojie (front), me, Uneku Atawodi(top)

Hmm, ok, now that you bring it has three sisters like the novel.  Monalisa would have to be Mona since she's the oldest, Neku the young adventurer would be Koko, and me zuzu.

Early feedback from readers: people really love Koko, want more Koko.  My favourite is...I really shouldn't say.  MonaThe one that makes me cry.  And yes, TheRe WILL Be more Koko, maybe in an additional chapter, an epilogue, or maybe in novel #2 (she'll be in her twenties then.) 

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###Three Sisters, novel #1 here###  Click on the title then download. 


t said...

Here's another Three Sisters cover :D

More more more images

Send in your pics too, any cover image suggestions. Thanks.

Medo said...

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t said...


t said...

An old synopsis:
Zuzu wants to be a nurse, but her fiancรฉ is afraid to allow her that much freedom.
Mona is a conservative Muslim wife and mother. She has just slept with a stranger. She feels powerful, but she also feels mighty guilty.
Koko befriends some French expatriates and now the other girls are jealous.
In the background of all three stories is the November 2008 announcement of Barack Obama’s election as president of the United States...

Unknown said...
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t said...

Problem with the old download link. Use this one:

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