Saturday, August 22, 2015


I decided to add instagram to the long list of stuff I use on the internet.  Had to borrow my sister's cracked-screen phone to do it because, get this - while you can ogle nice photos on laptop/web instagram, you can't get an account that way.
So I have an account.  Today I decided to add a fabulous photo.  Asked google how, since instagram wouldn't let me - my 'membership' means I can comment and like (heart), that's it.  Found out about BlueStacks App Player in a comments section of a how-to article.  The program works by creating a false phone environment on your regular computer so that you can run phone apps, including Instagram.

In the middle of installing that, I found another option in the same comments section - Deskgram.
It's the more intuitive answer - I just want to bloody post a picture and don't really need all the firepower offered by the general app player.  I don't want the ability to also use the app stores to get any app in the world or whatever.
Deskgram also appeals to my need to not 'learn' Android.  I mean, I just want to post a bloody picture.

I never learned to navigate an Apple Mac, or iPhone iPod iPad.  I never learned the jumpy-screen Windows-after-Windows7 experiments.  I think it was called Vista or something?  Windows, then Vista.  View through the window.  Seriously. 
Thankfully Windows 10 is bringing the 'Start button' back.  Like seriously, you need to figure out how I'm using the computer and match that, or wait till I get round to testing your new UI idea pro bono.
It costs quite a bit of mindspace to learn a new interface like this phone thing with its scrolling swiping, autocorrect, and all that jazz.  Even if the new interface is pretty.  Very pretty.  It's worth downloading BlueStacks just to see this prettiness: for example, instead of the status bar while you wait for your download (2.2% completed etc) you get a slideshow of gorgeous screenshots of the games (Angry Birds and such) you'll soon have access to.  Time flies while you're having such fun.

But now I'm going to uninstall bluestacks.  The application required my google password.  Which makes me feel insecure.  That's like, really private information.  Like, would you 69 on a blind date?  Deskgram only needs my instagram password.  That's a handshake - I'd share that with anybody.
Now let me go and add this picture, abeg. - @tosinbird
There are lots of other things to gripe about, but I'd better pace myself :)  :D
Like, think: 
How did phones become flat - whose idea was that?  So we evolved from 3D serpentine to rectangular blocks?  I find myself wishing for product design to take over that space.

And how many phone-makers put the typewriter-keyboard on the screen. Ouh-kay, I guess that works for some people.  I like the classic/physical keypad a la Blackberry, so I can work. 

I do love the fact that they now have colours.  Loved that from the minute I saw it, Nokia-now-Microsoft.

Oh, and how useless are the banks in this country?  Reliably useless.  I constantly forget that.
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t said...

I still use deskgram. I use it to post photos, and I sometimes use it to view photos. I'm glad it exists :) and is still being improved and supported.

t said...

Getting Gramblr
Deskgram is asking for a purchase :-/

t said...

I just discovered 6tag and put it on my smart phone - a Windows Phone. It lets you do pretty much everything instagram, including upload photos.
For the first time, I can try out a truer instagram interface e.g. double tapping to like a photo. I kinda hate it. In most desktop / web instagram use, I think you click on the heart/like-symbol to like. It's nice too that you sort of have to slow down and read captions and even comments. In contrast, the 6tag interface (and I'm assuming true instagram app interface) supports speed more, supports rather more mindless scrolling and double-tapping, and rather less reading or caring.
I haven't yet used it to upload a photo anyway. I guess that's when I'll find the app most useful.

t said...

I found that I've "followed" hundreds of new instagram users maybe over the past week or two or longer, and I certainly didn't add all these accounts myself, nor do I want them.

I suspect that 6tag is causing it. I logged out of 6tag (didn't uninstall yet). I changed my instagram password. And I also removed the only "third-party app" in my instagram "edit profile" section - that app was Iconosquare, which has probably been there since my first weeks with instagram over a year ago.

To actually remove the excess accounts, I'm using "fastunfollow" which takes maybe an hour to unfollow 200 accounts - the last 200 accounts "followed" by your instagram account. (It also has a whitelist feature, but I didn't have success using it to whitelist up to 100 accounts, as I wanted)

If I find automatic follows in future, I may try more radical measures: uninstall 6tag, or even remove the instagram account and start over. It won't come to that.

t said...

I uninstalled 6tag at that time more than ten weeks ago.

On my oldish windows phone, I just noticed a tool in (browser version not app) to upload photos. Nice. They may add DM next.

Let me check to see if the same is true on my laptop . . . nope. No upload button in my pages on Firefox.

Ok. Just waiting for the DM feature I guess. And they might as well put a full instagram on web - easier to manipulate files, application programs, and photos on laptop than in mobile. In my opinion.