Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Celebrate in advance

Get to know
The popular Show Dem Camp (SDC):
Feel Alright ft. Poe and Boj

Happy Weekend ft. Kid Konnect

Ewele ft. Ms. Iye

The venerated rap-duo Show Dem Camp - Ghost and Tec:

Clone Wars 2

There's still the collaborator ShowDemCamp:
with Jesse, MI, BlackMagic, The Collectiv3, Falz, many great African women in music...not to mention The Dreamer Project

The Afropolitan ShowDemCamp.


They have more sides than a geometry test :)

Get caught up on their work - really some of it is hard to find because dropped all over the place like goat pearls but if you're like me you'll enjoy the challenge - and get ready for their next project.

I think it's this summer, and I think it's a Clone Wars Volume 3 tape or something?

Now get caught up on OluwaJesseJagz.  I think his next album is this summer too; I just know.  The last one was a surprise and it was super-duper-awesome.  Just, really, a feast, in every way.
Jesse Jagz of the thousand nicknames and fittingly, Gemini, is the greatest: the only artist to appear twice on my top-five music video feature.
No seriously.  Fela - dead.  Bob Marley - murdered.  By this skinny kid from Jos, Nigeria named Jesse Abaga.
Nothing left to prove, in my opinion.
What will he do next?  Maybe go for the sound of cash-registers credit alerts?  Serve us a new story-brand-swag-persona?  Open up our heads and put the truth inside?  Add some honey to his sound and make it so confectionately ours?  I don't know, I don't know.  I do know that I am not setting myself up for a crash to reality because the reality is Jesse is astounding. 

AdVertIseMent: Read my books.
The crazy thing is omgggg so much great music and art in Nigeria.  I can't wait for the rest of this experience.
This is one video that didn't move me at first.
So while it's great fun, it's not even his best.
S h u d d e r.


t said...

NotjustOK hype SDC (classic)

Jesse Jagz - Highlights and Insights

t said...

Clone Wars Volume 3 HERE

t said...

Also by SHOWDEMCAMP, a totally rad EP called PalmWine Music here

It pays to celebrate in advance, eh :)