Friday, July 08, 2016

Come on, Andy. Let's go, Roger.

Another one of the best tennis stories I know is Andy Murray.  He worked/works super-hard.  He was too little at first, then he became strong; then he was ruthlessly criticized for not feeding his country's enormous hopes and dreams, but he ate all that up and in return won big at home: Wimbledon, and Olympic Gold.
On his own terms, I would say.  And this is life. 

Some of the best writing in the world is about tennis, and indeed I've said (written) this before, some of these guys should win a Nobel Prize.  The campaign is on - Steve Tignor and Peter Bodo of Tennis Magazine, for a major literature / writing award.  It's not an entirely selfless campaign: if a tennis writer can win the Nobel, then so can a blogger like me, right?

Read this, please.
And remember this

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