Friday, January 13, 2017

Let's make fun of Hillary too

Everybody watched 'Diaris God o!' the video, but I thought it was beneath me.  I have a friend who does a killer imitation of the former first lady Patience Jonathan's passionate but aesthetically questionable oratory...
"they want to make our children a widow..."
"My fellow widows!"

But now the world has self-proclaimed "ratings machine" Donald J. Trump, and late-night comedy is more essential and funny than ever before.  So that's what I've been watching.  
What is not fair is that everybody seems to have forgotten Hillary Clinton.  I won't let that happen (exclamation mark!)  

First attempts:
1. Hillary cries for Trump 

2. Flashback to the early days of the private email server:

If you think you're funnier, share your own jokes in the comments :D  :D

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t said...

If you don't have facebook...

Hillary Clinton REACTS to all these rumours that trump - haters are shedding :-/ @hilaryclinton @realdonaldtrump
VIDEO (Click to Watch)


Flashback: 10 years ago

Hill: The rate at which all these government people dey take pesin life do Paris Hilton film, dere is God o!
Billy: My sista.

Hill: FBI go dey spy on pesin. KGB sef. Even SSS for Obama country go carry binocular dey tap pesin email.
Billy: (Horrible flashback to Blewinsky trials)

Hill: Billiboy, shebi you love me?
Billy: Dat one na question?

Hill: You still get that Pentium wey been dey inside store, abi?
Billy: Make I go check...

Hill: E dey there, no check anything. Just no let devil porshoo you one day say you go off am, na im I dey take operate my Blackberry. E better make I dey look the email server for my front like this, wen e dey inside four corner of my house...I no fit shout.
Billy: I no even reach dat store side before, since around 1999, on my honour, I cross my heart...

Hill: Ehn, we know. I don already copy all your ashawo file for inside dis flash. Shebi you wan collect am?
Billy: Hilly Hilly! Madam on the hilly!

Hill: If you wan see your bae'seess (plural) videos again, make all effort make I enter White House. Otherwise, na hammer I go take dabaru the flash.
Billy: I dey your back gidigba. Madam President! I'm always loyal.

Hill: (singing) Omo! I'm a hustler baby, I just want you to know, It ain't where I've been, but where I'm about to go, I just wanna...
Billy: (dancing) so give it to me, give me that funk that sweet that nast...