Thursday, March 11, 2010



I bought two books for my young cousins last weekend.
Zahrah the Windseeker - I read the beginning. The beginning is better than the start of that last Harry Potter book - ...the Order of the Phoenix. My cousins are both in love with the Zahrah novel. (Just buy all the Farafina Books. Zahrah is also available on amazon etc)
I also bought the abridged Ake - The Years of Childhood. It's a good read, and a good piece of national heritage. The much-fatter original book is said to be one of Soyinka's finest.
Well, I got both books signed by Prof. Wole Soyinka who I met for the first time on Sunday. Score!

Nigerian authors and their beginnings:
Half of A Yellow Sun - a short story on which the award-winning novel is based. Read it, it's good. It took me three years to get round to reading the short, cos at first I found it lame, but now I think it's b-rill. Yep, Chimamanda is a fine girl, no pimples.
The beginning of an untitled novel - by Onyeka Nwelue, author of The Abyssinian Boy, which is soon to be made into a movie. I like it too, he paces very well, keeps you wanting more. The last Harry Potter book did the same thing in every chapter.

I'm watching (the just-past New York) Fashion Week on that cable channel called FashionTV. It's killing me. So much beauty. The clothes that are so different from what boring people call "fashion." The new. Like the chains and jewels on sunglasses. I saw a T-shirt on an art school student in LA that said what you think is cool, I thought was cool ten years ago - or something like that. The colours. P.S. I'm wrapping up that heady, psychedelic, coloured poetry collection. God knows when I'll publish all this stuff. But I'll keep them somewhere good - in case I die, lol.

I rocked my first lecture last week. It was a party. Then I went and crapped up yesterday's lecture. Blame it on the software hehehe. My time at UniLag is likely coming to a close, unless I find more ways to rock this. It's funny, I feel like I've learned half of what I would learn here. Even though I haven't moved in yet, I've met good people in engineering, had a chat with a future great artist in the Fine Arts department, that day someone gave me a demo/promo CD that sounds like (Yoruba rap artiste) DaGrin - it's catchy and good; I've walked the lagoon front, taught a class, studied new math, done the bureaucracy, visited the pool at the guest house where Uncle Rudy tried weekly to teach me and Kunmi to swim 20yrsago, learned new software, especially! started uing Mathematica...on Tuesday, I figured out, science-wise, what I want to do with the rest of my life.

What I want to do with the rest of my life (just the science part)
Since I'm too lazy to write papers, and I love the adoration of an audience (even if it's only, like, one person) I'm going to do a math blog. I'll start soon, latest in May - because the other blogs started in May because when I was in the US I came alive when the summer came along but now I can get solar energy year round. It will be pretty. I'll use Mathematica. Sometimes it will be original math, worthy of a paper. Sometimes it won't be but it will still be pretty and accessible. I'll write something weekly, even if it's short. In the future, it may slow to monthly themes with weekly updates. (Suggestions are welcome. Or if you want to collaborate or help me in some way.) Looks like I'll get to be a researcher after all.


Dee said...

Math blog??? Sounds exciting (yawn)...maybe you Math/Engineering folks

So how was the lagoon front? I've always wanted to go there

t said...

the lagoon front used to be pretty (as i remember back in the day) now they're constructing a park it's currently not pretty.

you will like the math blog sometimes. really, i candidly hope so. hugs.

t said...

my lecture update: rocked #3, rocked #4, crapped #5 (i spent my prep time surfing the web, i mean, there was internet i was so excited. then when class time came, power was out so no a/c in the lab and we were nearly fainting because no windows big dungeon and i threatened to "fucking beat up" one of my dear students. i'm blaming pms and dehydration for that one.)

t said...

i found him and apologized, I had been way more bothered about the incident than he, obviously. Phew.

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to imagine one of our q.c teachers threatening to "fucking beat up" someone. too hilarious!