Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ephemeris - anybody else a little bit psychic?

Just now I closed my eyes and guessed Uncle Toni's sign, from all I know about him and his coaching/family relationship with his nephew, Rafa Nadal.
I settled on Pisces strongly.
2nd option Libra.  But also possibly Virgo or Scorpio.
I have the hypothesis that Rafa the Gemini has been 'not himself' having grown with the strong influence of a person so unlike him.  He will change when that influence ends, or is possibly already quite different when he is outside of that influence (which is almost never).
And the hypothesis that the uncle is repressed in some way.  This feeds such loyalty and humble dedication to another person. 
Then I asked google, and got February 21, 1961 for his birthday.  I said, yeah baby, that's Pisces, right?  So I searched and it IS Pisces.
Click for 1000 amazing pictures of Rafa Nadal and Uncle Toni

Why is this important?  Because nowadays I'm trying to understand Rafa (who is my one and only esposo, as y'all know ;) but why Gemini, of all signs that don't naturally harmonize with me?) 

But also, I'm suggesting that astrology is not crap.
I use it in my life; it helps me understand people.
Further, I can sometimes guess the sign of a person after some interaction.  I just get a sense.  Then it turns out that it's correct.  This test makes it unlikely that one's sign is just random, since then I'd have less than a 1 in 10 chance of guessing.

I sometimes try to guess what the strong influences are in my sisters who are twins and both Scorpio.  I think one is quite the Cancer, absolutely, in addition to her real scorpio Sun Sign.  What's left after the water signs (Pisces too, so all three) done filled up her days with moon and mood and drowning, is a tiny hint of air: Aquarius, Libra, maybe THERE is her room for expression.  But it's such a tiny window.
The other twin has an active Aries in her somewhere, and a little Leo that keeps us from locking horns as I normally would with Aries.  If you know any Leos, she has their heart - not a very involved/engaged heart, but a heart big and capable and able to give without lacking, especially to their 'subjects', the ones younger or weaker, and indeed all the rest of us - the fans that adore the Leo.   

The astrology thing is great for relationship advising.  Once I 'finally' went out to lunch with a guy I'd been really eyeing (trust me, you'd eye him too - sweet GoD!) and while the place was beautiful, ...our chemistry was rubbish.  That lunch he told me he was Sagittarius, I basically told him 'no wonder' and explained that emm, it would be easier not to try to make our natures harmonize.  He liked another Taurus girl, they went out for a few years, it must have been harrrrd work.

Definitely, I'm not satisfied to simply separate the world into those I "flow" with, and those I don't; I try to learn how to love everybody; and as we know, anti-flow itself is an important energy/force.

Still I usually choose the easy, lazy, boring way.  The Taurus/Taurus relationship for instance, two mounds of sand side-by-side is what I read, and indeed it was in my experience with one darling Taurean.  We were completely content, feeding each other fat, sorting out money matters, forgetting to 'do it' really for months, never needing to argue, complain or explain.  We argued by saying Honey this or Babe that, practically laughing underneath.  Like honey why do you want to go to that dangerous place alone, you could wait so I can take you.  Basically saying "I care about you."  Or babe that's a lot of rice.  Basically saying I know how your body works. 

There was one Taurus/Taurus relationship that till today makes me wonder when someone will tell him his real birthday because he's "at least" a Sun Sign Gemini, switching this way and that, probably even Aquarius, considering the hectic asynchronicities between us, the excesses of excitement and of stress.  I vote Aquarius: he was even good friends with the Sagittarian.  And I said once to him: you have to choose one way OR the other, but he'd throw another curveball thinking it was such fun and so I chose 'one way, or the other' because I (we Taureans) are just not that nimble.  We need a steady, plodding sort of direction.

Once I met an angel on a train and her sister.  I think she was a brunette or red, I think her sister was blonde.  I can't even remember which train - California?  East Coast?  The ladies were neither - they were from somewhere in-between I don't remember - Midwest or South. She advised me that one does need some tension in a relationship, otherwise "nothing gets done."  I know now what she means.  But give me just a tiny little dose of the tension, OK? 

I met somebody last month that I really really badly like.  I got home and was like: Pisces.  Checked his facebook and I was wrong: his sign is Cancer.

But I have to say that is sort of like being right, since
1. both signs are quite alike; and quite alike to me, being two months away from Taurus either way, and
2. maybe I don't have enough experience with both (esp Cancer, I had just an officemate and a PhD adviser with that sign) to tell the difference easily.
So what's he like?  Well, definitely takes softness, sweetness, patience, and sensitivity for him to try peeking out of that shell; I haven't seen the crabby moodiness although I've been prepared for it; and for us as a pair it's completely easy to click, like a very easy sibling relationship.  Really, Pisces and Cancer to a Taurus are like the flowiest friends ever. Like Aqua and Sag. Like any so-called 3-11 pair (two signs apart)

Conversely, another friend of mine is a source of education and a distant curiosity for me.  He's a bit like an alien complete with antennae and all sorts of ideas that I never hear anywhere.  Yep, Libra.  But instead of the differences being too great for us to get along, I can just access (in small doses) that which is far from my experience.  We're supposed to meet this week.  Which may end up being next month or next year.  I think I'm growing, because five/ten years ago, me and a Libran would have hit a wall.  My Libran officemates eeew.  They gave me very bad vibes.  Come to think of it, even this year me and a Libran hit a wall.  I just didn't know "how" to apologize in a way that he would understand.  I wonder where he's hiding now.  

Maybe one day I'll tell you where these characters go in my writing, they're everywhere, and one day too, insha'Allah, you'll read THE NOVEL in which the quarks, the signs sort of show their properties and make their music(s).

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t said...

Some quick comments:
1 - some books I've read on astrology - Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, Linda Goodman's Love Signs, Starsky+Cox Sextrology, some other serious studies, and all the usual pop astrology supplements from Cosmo to ivillage/online.
2 - "it would be easier not to try to make our natures harmonize." - in the Misanthrope, Alceste says this to Oronte: "We may discover it would be unwise // to try to make our natures harmonize." Yep, talk in rhyme all the time.
3 - the lady on the train was beautiful, sort of like a Jaclyn Smith in the eighties or something. Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz now, watch the scene, where the munchkins ask Dorothy (who has just fallen from the sky): Are you a good witch or a bad witch. Dorothy goes: I'm not a witch at all - witches are old and ugly. They start to laugh. Why are they laughing? Geena, their queen explains, they're laughing because I'm a witch. I'm Geena, the good witch of the North. And of course she's all beauty and goodness. Oh ok, it's Glinda. Don't blame me, she looks like Geena Davis.

t said...

Only one sign was not mentioned at all. Typical. They're so capable, competent, and so invisible. In a different world, and possibly in many societies (just not the current speedy western-style ones) they would be the leaders almost all the time. They're really that good. But they don't stand out these days, I think.
The few Capricorns I know, well, at least two of them I can think of I would wish was at the leadership of their respective very large countries - India, and China. But they don't seem to be interested, and they don't seem likely to hustle through.
But in an old society, the crown would have come TO them, that much seems clear. Extraordinarily competent, self-effacing, leadership material.

Anonymous said...

Test.... what can you say about me?

Darwinshoo said...

If you do not mind, had some scripts running in my mind. Can you please help out. My email add is Thanks

t said...

Answer: Anonymous is full of mystery. Likely a person known to me, maybe even mentioned in the long post. Anonymous might have missed the mention, if any. Anonymous is sceptical about all this star stuff. Educated. More Europe/Australia than USA in mindset.
Just making shit up.

sara said...


Anonymous said...

Oh for pity's sake- take Rafael Nadal off of your page. He's started to become "Stupider than Chris"

t said...

@sara , not European I guess. Oops.

@Anonymous November 18, I don't understand the reference.

Bayo said...

I didn't ever pay attention to all that astrology stuff but now you're kinda making me reconsider. 'Birth date researching & recalling' seems tedious, however, I've also got a personal "psychic power" (LOL) that helps me determine how far I can go in relations with people just by reading their faces (how's that for psychic) :)
P.S I'm a Gemini

t said...

@Bayo teach me. We should email / meet up ?

t said...

On SDC's Astrology.
Too shy to create a new blog post for this my latest guess-the-sign experiment, so here goes.
Show Dem Camp has been playing for a decade or more, but I just discovered their music through Jesse Jagz and then that concert on August 2nd, then I dug for more of their work. One morning, after immersing in their stuff all week, I decided it bore an AIR sign and an EARTH sign influence. I later wrote down for earth: Virgo, maybe Taurus, less likely Capricorn. For air, I had Aquarius/Libra.

Besides the words (and the world those represent) and their music and their moment on stage, and their few videos, what else did I know about the pair? Significantly, I'd seen them for like 5seconds each at an event.

The second one, he's dark and tall, stage-name Ghost. He sounds devastatingly masculine on the mic but there he was like a completely harmless child, unguarded, unarmed, harmless, openly and joyfully expressing a laugh, none of those "I'm a star airs, one" but also none of those "this industry is brutal so I must protect myself, me against the world, defenses." I was a little angry. If he would take himself more seriously...I bet he gets "used" by wilier characters in the music world...if he wasn't this way they would have "blown" by now, become famous with their names in lights by now. I should have known then that he was the Capricorn.

Now to the other who I saw first, stage-name Tec. A bit more "fine boy" ish. Maybe tatoos and light skin. Still tall and imposing, bigger arms. In a televised interview when asked about their relationship - whether they disagree on music ideas - it was he who answered first. Talked more, so...lower power. In my real-life moments near him, he was more like you'd expect of a person in this game/industry, listening intently to the fan, a little on his guard, a little careful to pick up any signals around him that might mean opportunity or threat.

Now both are alike too e.g. they seem to want to be big brothers to society, to be responsible, to be builders (now I think of it, that was the earth sign signal), to not be entirely frivolous although of course to have fun. They like art for arts sake (being original, seeing the future, imagination) and now I see that was my air sign signal. They both have the looks they could exploit but seem extremely shy about being eye-candy or otherwise unwilling to make a fool of themselves in that way - though they would willingly be fools in other ways, with outright comedy and costume and theater.

So this first guy was my Libran? Aquarian? I checked bios online...NO. Scorpio. Water sign. Shit. I almost made this 1 in 8 chance call completely correctly. (More on combinatorics and guessing signs someday on my math blog but it's 4 x 4 / 2 = 8)
Better, 1 in 16 if I had chosen to match the sign-family to the person, and I did indeed have a sense that Ghost was more likely to be the earth sign than the other guy.

Back to Yoruba boy Tec. His birthday is Oct 24 the bio says. Guessing around 1980. If you believe in cusps, he's on the Libra-Scorpio cusp (Oct 19 - 25) and I'm right. If you don't, then he's Scorpio, simple, and I missed my Libra call (Sept 23-Oct23) by one day. Linda Goodman says no cusps, so that's my bias for now.


t said...

On SDC's astrology, Part Two
The Scorpio thing 1. bodes extremely well for the harmony in their relationship because how much of a mess would a Capricorn + Air Sign be when you consider their deepest motivations as human beings? Capricorn + Scorpio = Perfect. Exquisite. Smooth as Pie. The Capricorn provides organization and stability, like a rock, for the duo. Humour and lightness too. The Scorpio too is everything. He works. He fights. He trusts, he needs.
2. Being Scorpio also means I could go back to plotting out which of my two single little sisters he could marry. So now I'm having fun reading about the Scorpio-Scorpio couple and their fights to-the-death (not literally.) Sure, my girl doesn't take dating tips from me, but really it would take a Scorpio type of crazy to understand her. Now I see that. But it's mischievous of me to want to make such a match. The other one, she doesn't need him. I don't know who she needs.

As you know I'm NOT very interested in Scorpio myself even if the sex rocks. I don't need all that passion and emotional energy, thank you. But (I'm taking all this wayy too seriously) Tec wants to do Egypt for the Afrocentric history and I want to do the Luxor-Aswan tour. I would be the perfect tour-partner. He could do the visa-getting and logistics I don't like to do.
I would have been all for the Capricorn but, like a good Capricorn, he's gone and married, nice and content.

t said...

Yikes, I just did it again. 2 in 12 odds (1 in 6)

It was some weak Virgo vibes, Sagittarius vibes, some Aries go-getterism, you look and you say gentle Virgo? No, not neat enough. But all this time and I don't know this person's dark, fighting side, and yet I know they have one...smelling Scorpio, Baby.
But maybe it's Aries, oh God let it not be Aries because big fight no-compromise ahead. So finally I decide it's not Virgo, forget the gentle face. Forget Sag. it's really not.
It's Aries or Scorpio. I checked, it was Scorpio. Bang!

So now I know what to expect : neurotically suspicious, secretive.
We're not future best-friends.
Not as long as she's married and I'm this klutzy bull that does not understand deep things like vengeance, lifelong covenants, ride-or-die passion, and raging need. I do love her tho :)

t said...

Designer Duro Olowu. Taurus. I got that in 1 guess in 5 seconds.
On twitter, saw a link to new collection.
Saying to myself, Duro Olowu, always sure, always vibrant, I clicked.
Saw one image and a few thumbnails of Duro Olowu goodness - more-or-less unchanged collection, yet distinctive, so simple, yet EXTREMELY pretty. The dress never outshines the wearer, but it makes her and her life beautiful and dignified.
The predictable collection, so good for commerce, why change the thing that works, and a real woman can shop knowing what to expect. Mind on money, money on mind.
Duro Olowu is not trendy, just awesome.
So I said TAURUS! Then I said, wait, not so fast, well, it's an earth sign. But not Capricorn, not Virgo, it's Taurus!!!

So I google Duro Olowu birthday and get a report of a mid-May birthday dinner (around May 14th)

t said...

Hung out - a three-day road trip - with somebody I met online. By the third morning, I guessed Aries because of his immature headiness, he's also kind and direct but impatient and throws small tantrums.
I was wrong, he said Libra.
I could see maybe some Libra aspects, such as a fantastic love of information and knowledge and communication, I mean, he was a bit of an encyclopedia, but I still continued to see a lot of Aries emotionally.

t said...

I started learning about Natal Charts - to extend Sun Sign knowledge.

My Sun Sign (the main sign) is TAURUS.

My Moon Sign is Pisces.

My Ascendant - still not sure, because two different sites offered different results AND I'm not sure about my birthtime. But the most likely are Gemini (from, Aquarius (from and with mild chances of Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, and Cancer. Maybe I'll verify birthtime and ascendant calculation later.

My Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs are ALL Taurus as well.
Venus in Taurus, yes, absolutely.
Mars in Taurus, steady plodding :(

Then I have three in Libra (Jupiter and Saturn on the Virgo cusp, and Pluto in Libra like everyone born in 1972-1982 or so). Not sure I understand the Libra all over my chart though. But these are "far" planets lol.
To complete the picture: Uranus in Scorpio, Neptune in Sagittarius.

On SDC, besides Tec being a Scorpio within a few hours of Libra (i.e. on the cusp of Libra), if he was born in 1982 he's got Mercury, Venus, and two other planets in Libra. If 1981, still four planets in Libra. Just saying. Maybe that's where the Libra smell is coming from.

Rafa Nadal's moon sign?
Scorpio Ascendant.
Venus in Cancer.
Better than nothing :)
Rafa also has three in Capricorn (Mars - focus work non stop, Jupiter - stern luck, Neptune - dry dreamlife) which I sort of sniffed out earlier.
To complete the picture: Mercury in Gemini (also Sun Sign Gemini remember?), Saturn AND Uranus in Sagittarius.

My Gemini younger brother also has a lot of Capricorn in his chart (MOON, Uranus, Neptune); I think this imposes some sternness on a usually happy-go-lucky sign, a little just a little constipated - love you Bro, sometimes drawn towards dry unhappy work.
Other than that feature and Venus (plus Sun Sign) in Gemini, he has a pretty diverse chart - Merc in Canc, Mars in Taur, Jupit in Virg, Saturn in Aquarius, Pluto in Scorpio.

t said...

Dreamt of Miss Cleo this morning lol. In my dream I said Leo, hint of Aquarius - it was understood that the first meant the outer sun sign and the second was the deep, psychic side, perhaps a moon sign - and the mama I was with was impressed and said yes. (Wikipedia says yes Leo too.)

Woke and decided just now to guess some more Nigerian designers, so here goes:
Tiffany Amber's Folake Folarin Coker - I can't even remember how she looks but her designs are rigidly clean - solid colours, classic wraps, almost boring, so VIRGO.

Jewel By Lisa's Lisa Folawiyo - She looks like a pretty little African girl, she's actually older, I remember her in this family photo in some magazine and well, was she different and standing far from the family as in Sagittarius or was it the opposite, amazingly grounded and home-y of her to partake in this family ritual as in Taurus? Her neat appearance may say Virgo, but her bold targeted label and work, as well as her dress (as I recall regular tight designer jeans and regular high Aries heels) make me say ARIES, baby!

I couldn't remember LDA's name but I said that woman/lady that did that lace-top collection, that adapts England to Nigerian fabrics, she's a water sign. But she's so polite after all that success, maybe Earth, Taurus? Such a salesman, bold body, maybe Leo? A web search later I get her name: Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi (LDA) and she's wearing her designs and it's bright lipstick and lace fascinators, and casuals and taffettas, and models, and her, she's younger, she's older, just who is she? An actor? Or a SCORPIO. I love her. Don't know why. Still don't get her at all. Air sign? Just acting? I don't know. Her eyes aren't giving me access to her soul. But I'll still say second (to fourth) choice an Air Sign because of how confused I am. She fell on stage once at New York Fashion Week.

Now to peek and check my hunches:
Folake Folarin-Coker - Pisces. X
Lisa Folawiyo - Gemini. X
Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi - Leo. X

Wrong all the way :)

t said...

About 12 hours later, another wrong guess: Pisces for Jacqueline Bisset, who is actually a Virgo.
The inverse of one of my wrong guesses earlier today.

Do you have any comments on these experiments? Any experiments of your own?

t said...

Another hole-in-one : Jeffrey Sachs. I've been watching his online lectures on Sustainable Development for several hours a week, often falling asleep to the beautifully-produced, hours-long chats. I guessed he was Scorpio. I was right. I basically decided that his sensitivity to people, to the plight of the rural poor for instance, made him a water sign. You could see the sensitivity in his face. Yet, he was too powerful, had done too much actively and power-wise, about this poverty issue, to be Pisces or Cancer. (I know of his media advocacy and direct advocacy among world leaders of all sorts, but he's not "begging" for "pity" for the poor, he's doing something a little menacing or threatening in the language of raw power, which is why the leaders respond. ) So maybe he's not a water sign? I eliminated many possibilities, no not Taurus, too tough and too passionate, no not Leo, this isn't sunny ego we're seeing. He is a water sign, it's just that he is Scorpio. Yep, Wikipedia says he is!

Here's another one: Wizkid is a leading pop artiste, he's Nigerian, early or mid twenties, sings about girls and parties and stuff...releases an album and in parts it's like "mummy mio, mummy mio, mummy mi..." and I mean, he's not neglected his mummy in the past, but I guess he just really wants to make sure he sings mummy mummy on this CD, because nobody matters turns out he's Cancer lol. The Cancer mama-love is so real, I see examples all the time among male Cancer friends.

Oscar de la Renta just died. Capricorn? Because "statesman of fashion" they called him. But maybe he was so dignified just because he was a foreigner/immigrant ?
And the clothes, beautiful in the manner of a beautiful flower - never too much, never too inorganic/artificial/sci-fi. Just respecting the form, respecting tradition and blooming like a flower. For more than half a century.
It could be that he's not an earth sign (Cappie, Taurus, Virgo) and that he's something weird like a Pisces or even Aries/Leo and old-age seasoned and mellowed him into the loved-by-all, successful-but-hidden, grandfatherly Capricorn-y mentor that he became?
Let's check.
Then again, his birthday could be false if he came from such hard times (too many reasons to change what doesn't contribute to success) and came from such a long time ago(too easy to change facts about self), but the Capricorn would not falsify his birthday, if he really was Cappie, not likely to at least.
But if he was Leo, he was a substantial womanizer or gay, and somehow I didn't get that information? If he was Sag then definitely gay lol. Aries then definitely women troubles, but nobody mentioned that.
The internet says July 22, 1932, Cancer. Oops.

t said...

For a while now I've been saying Poe / Taurus Poe Taurus. Just has to be. And maybe slight maybe he's not, so maybe Gemini, Virgo? But I'll be surprised if he's not Taurean.

And today I researched and found April 29. And I have to wonder if I saw that before and if that made me so sure. Or if I just knew.

A guy does this song: Slow It Down , christens the style Palm Wine Music, has all that chilled out swag, has all them roots connections to people and the past and Yorubaness, put all that together and I don't know, it would be weird if he was not Taurean.

I just became a bigger fan lol.
PS It seems the other Taurean-like musician with whom they (SDC+Poe) made Feel Alright, his stage name is Boj, is Taurean too. Sort of Aries-Taurus cusp. Makes sense. And in that case I approve lol, cos the one who needs no one, she's Scorpio with a lot of actives (looks and smells like Leo for instance, but actually Sag ascendant etc I don't understand twins ) and I like it. Also like Poe but she said screw that, no musicians.

OK, way too private.

t said...

I'm guessing Drake's Pisces - such quick straight-line access to his soul - and has (briefly) lost his way. He'll be very OK.
Backup guess Cancer.
Let me check.
Oops, Oct 24 1986, Scorpio.

t said...

Based primarily from Lucci's verse on 'Sweet Love' on that Clone Wars Vol Two (oh and I have a profile pic from twitter too), Aries.
Could be not Aries.
Maybe Sag, possibly Aquarius/Libra.
But I'm going for the Aries.

Why do they say Lucch after the third (Poe's) verse and before the fourth (Ghost's)? I dunno. The obvious reason would be that the fourth verse is Lucci's , but that sounds like Ghostman to me. Oh well. Help me if you can solve this mystery.

Hmm, so the photo. He's dressed like a possible Aries looks like a Cancerian or something. I'll stick with my early guesses tho. Now to research... Looks like we have a Sag! Dec 13th. Not too bad, eh?

t said...

Correction: minor, but
Rafa has Jupiter in Pisces, not Jup in Cap.

t said...

Another correction: minor, but
sister (twin) with Sag Ascendant? Lost the data, but that's not feasible. I think it was Libra, Libra Ascendant, with sister (water-heavy sister) Scorpio Ascendant. I think.

Never said I was perfect.

t said...

Making a few assumptions for my birthtime, say 1:30am or 1:31am, can't find records but momma says pretty early and Aquarius ascendant seems right, and ...

Anyway, full chart here
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, all in TAURUS.
Moon in Pisces.
Ascendant : Aquarius
Mercury in 3rd house (communication Mercury, communication 3rd house) also means something.

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in Libra, though, sort of on Virgo-Libra cusps in Jupiter and Saturn. Uranus - Scorpio and Neptune - Sag.

t said...

I'm getting more curious about the twins.

The Sis:
We have Scorp Sun, Libra Ascendant, (and Pisces Moon) which reads like social butterfly Scorpio diplomatic, and obliging/generous/willing to please, good outcomes for all who gather around. Yes, that's what I see.
Libra Ascendants appear to be smoothing everything over (that's what mum says, and Scorp mum that she is, she's got some insight), Everybody seems to like this person, who just comes across as nice, pleasant and fair. Accomodating; often the mediator.
Exactly what I saw: "drawn to competent, active partners." (These words don't quite paint the picture, but I see it. There's work to be done in a family and the partner does a good chunk of it, brings her not a lot of worries, and enjoys a lot of aspects of the home she's got going: her beauty, kids, engagements/social-life, etc. Lots of bickering at first they say.
They both have Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Scorpio as well as Scorpio Sun.
Venus in Scorpio is interesting because Venus rules Libra (and Taurus)

The Queen:
We have Scorp Sun, Scorp Ascendant, Pisces Moon which "is too much water" but a beautiful thing when it finds a strength, e.g. a big good goal or pursuit. She's according to this, private, drawn to down-to-earth, natural partners, partner shows complete commitment and reliability so flighty partners or relationships are unacceptable.
She is powerful, determined, sees deep into you, doesn't even see the surface it seems, and this can be disconcerting to you (Yes, that's how I feel as her sister lol).

Gotta go and learn more.

t said...

I'm looking at this on Taylor Swift and saying, has to be Taurus. Let me check. Since she's so famous, if I'm right it may be that I've seen her sign before and stored it away in my awesome memory. All those boyfriends - that's what she's known for, right? I don't come across her music often, I don't listen to it, I suppose I don't like it, or her face really, but she does have this Venusian silhouette.

Then I'm seeing others and saying Taurus too: Hillary Duff (she was married!, they're splitting amicably and I'm thinking Taurus.) Ok maybe I saw her sign somewhere before. She was very famous.

Lady Gaga. I'm pretty sure I never checked. I could really be wrong.

Adele. Why would I think that though?

So let me check:
Taylor Swift - Sag.
Hillary Duff - Libra
Lady Gaga - Aries
Adele - Taurus

Terrible stats :)

t said...

I just guessed correctly for a woman named Alyce Cleese who I'd never heard of before tonight. In this John Cleese interview, he laments that his ex-wife and alimony have been this huge financial struggle, and his biggest regret in real life? His third marriage.
So I looked her up, Alyce Faye Eichelberger. Previously married to American professional golfer. PSYCHOTHERAPIST, talk show host. Saw a photo of this defiant woman, mammaries and husbands and talk show host make-up and wig.
She ruined this guy's life, sort of.
SCORPIO, I said. I allowed that em I'm looking at a water sign, water sign, but really Pisces not really, didn't consider Cancer, I said Scorpio, and all of this guessing didn't take 10seconds and right there on the Wikipedia page it said OCTOBER 28. (Wow, 1970, she's old)
Vindication for my possibly uncharitable claim that the negative side of Scorpio is that they're EVIL. I would have liked to use a better word, something gentler, but I really wanted to be truthful so I kept it. Yes, Scorpio have a good side. But whoever he is, didn't stand a chance. Pisces? Or a fire sign? No, I just looked, he's a 27th October fellow Scorpio. So pretend I didn't guess his sign.

t said...

Watching Ricky Martin videos this morning. I'll tell you what he's NOT: an earth sign. I'll tell you what he is: a fire sign, Sagittarius most likely.
The first video I saw (She Bangs!) was extremely water-y, aquarium themed with mermaids and stuff, but he was the voyeur douche, a non-fish in water (like fish out of water lol) and I don't really think he's a water sign either. The video was more than likely a producer/director's vision, very nice stuff. It's not that water signs don't lie, because they certainly do. (Remember he lied or forgot to tell about being gay/homosexual for a long time, because look at this career built on heterosexual marketing) it's just I feel for such a beautiful guy such a strong (I don't know, it's a smell I guess, this) masculinity. I could be wrong, but my top guesses are Sag, other fire sign, air sign, water sign, and least likely earth.
Let me check: December 24, 1971 = Capricorn. Earth sign. Alrighty then.
The most anti-Capricorn Capricorn birthday ever lol.

t said...

Now I'm learning about opposites (the sign six months away from one's sign) because I recently met a Cancerian that struck me as Capricorn and a Capricorn that feels totally Cancerian. And as you can see above, I've made the same errors before: Oscar de la Renta (Cancer not Cappie). I've mistaken a Virgo for Pisces and Pisces for Virgo, a Libra for Aries, ...

t said...

my experience (personal compatibility, on a few dimensions, from attraction, emotion and shared interests, to physical energy and work/play style):

Easy, highly compatible: Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn.
Enjoyable, compatible: Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Gemini.
Stressful: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Aries.

I guess it's not just my sun sign driving this, but a number of astrological factors? e.g. it may seem surprising how much I like Gemini and get along with Leo even though they're Air and Fire signs respectively.

t said...

Fucking awesome! Emmanuel Adebayor put up two rants so far about his family - they're using his good heart, riding all over him for his earnings. In addition, on his facebook page, this sweet happy birthday to Genevieve (Taurean queen like me) who is not his girlfriend. Those two pieces of info gave me - PISCES!
Then I said, he loves his mum pointlessly and shows a little boob on Genevieve in both pictures (breasts and mummies mean CANCER) so could be Cancer. Maybe. But really likely Pisces too.
Checked, and bingo! Wikipedia says Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor, born 26 February 1984 that is, Pisces. Got a good heart, too soft.

t said...

whoismojeed, a musician named Mojeed posted on his twitter that Aquarians are the best in bed and in the same tweet alluded that they're december/january girls. hmm, aquarians' birthdays fall in february or late january. so i guessed he's SAG or ARIES. 2 reasons: he liked Aquarians or even understands their style :) and he couldn't even be exact enough to research his tweet.
i don't know his music, so i checked soundcloud, and i'm listening to clockwork - a very beat beat beat high-energy beat, on the second listen i'm noticing some of the words (niggas gotta hustle). erm, i'm confirming Sag/Aries. Mayyybe Gemini. Time to check.
Nope. Mid-May = Taurus.

t said...

mojeed update: he corrects himself, not aquarius but capricorn he meant. yeah, they are dec/jan. after i've screwed everything up eh? :)

t said...

Family-friends visited today with their son and son's friend. Met son and friend a few days ago at a lunch party. Get this, son's friend is a trader (FX) in a bank. I guessed Capricorn in one try. Yep. Son I thought I didn't have enough data, yet. Thought maybe Scorpio, but asked to guess for real, I dumped Scorp and thought Sag (traveler), Aquarius (my gut), or Gemini (air sign, but more likely than Libra). Turns out he's a Gemini cusp (May 21) who self-reports having started out Gemini, switching to Taurus and back to Gemini. He thought I did a good job guessing, but I really think that was my 4th choice, 3rd at best, because I eliminated Gemini first...

Still it is significant that I guessed the clear Capricorn easily and had a harder time guessing the more fuzzy sign(s).

Then he guessed I would be either Taurus or Gemini based on what he said was my intellectualism. His first guess was completely right. Astrology really must be real.

t said...

I'm listening to Alanis Morrissette, the Jagged Little Pill album for the first time, and specifically while listening to "You Oughta Know" - not for the first time since that was one of a few super-popular singles off the album, I decide she's Aries, no doubt. This song fits Aries.
Now the next song has come on making me seek a backup plan - Scorpio for complexity - the change in musical style, Taurus for music altogether because it's not purely rage and audaciousness, it's also decent music.
I truly feel that the bar for white or racially preferred people in music is lower. Yes, good music, but what is more exciting is it's a white woman making good music, so come all ye white women and indulge in this expression of you. Pretty funny.
While listening to You Oughta Know, I also considered Sag as a distant backup. But 80-90% Aries. Now to check: June 1 Gemini. ok.

t said...

I made friends with someone I met 2 weeks ago (we talked for many hours that day) and then we went out again (three of us, with the person who introduced us, sort of his uncle-in-law and my godfather). We got to talking astrology, he didn't actually know his sign, but I guessed Aries. It wasn't that, he said. Then I guessed Sagittarius second choice, Gemini third. Sag was my stubborn choice because I was so sure he was Aries, and since he wasn't but was not Leo, why not try the other fire sign? He is Sag. He was impressed.
On that second hangout, I met his wife (because we had to go to his home to pick him up). 2 minutes maybe, including a chat. She gave us water and juice for the trip. I guessed Aquarius or Libra. He said Taurus. Hmmm. Not so sure I believe him. I check facebook, yes Taurus. Why won't I trust?

Listening to Frank Ocean's music today thinking Aquarius/Pisces for drugs and strippers and just longing searching groaning. But Pisces he's not because he keeps wanting people to do him not wishing himself to feel he's been done perhaps, and Aquarius too because he's talking now and a bit too much braggadocio to be Pisces. So I'm going with Aquarius. He's weird, he's brilliant. He's not really ok if you think about it. Back up plan/co-second choice with Pisces, some fire sign esp Aries. Let me check: Nope. Oct 28 Scorpio. His music is very Kanye or Kanye's music without the rap is very F.Ocean.

t said...

I just guessed BellaNaija (lifestyle blog) founder and CEO Uche (Ezeh) Pedro has to be Scorpio. A few streams brought me to this point. I was thinking maybe a go-getter Aries (mildly Sag, fire but not Leo, definitely not show, shy even), but there's a self-effacing Pisces (behind the scenes, kind but unknown in spite of , water, maybe Cancer which is Pisces with money/finance/career/worldly success), but maybe i don't know, but probably not Virgo but maybe Virgo and earth, but how can I be so confused. And what did I learn about the ones I can't place? Gemini OR Scorpio. They're the shifty ones lol. So is it Gemini, no, not loquacious it seems, filters all the words, drama, ideas, through her brand which ... She has to be Scorpio. Respect. Obsessively private. Multi-multi-personed. Hmmm.
Now let me check. Wikipedia has late July/ Early August LEO. You never know, do ya?

t said...

That second Taurean in my original post? He has Moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Gemini, per his birth date.
(The first Taurean has a likely moon in Pisces, possibly moon in Aries, per his birthdate)

t said...

I need to learn more about charts and "dominants"

Unsettled about Ricky Martin, who I thought was Sag and who turned out to be Capricorn (albeit on the Sag-Cap cusp) I asked the internet, and since he's a famous person, his full astrological chart is described in various places.

The google search "ricky martin astrology" information bar comes first: After his birthdate, we have his "Dominants: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini" and don't even list his sun sign. "Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune Houses // 7,10,6 // Air, Fire // Mutable" and "Chinese Astrology: Metal Pig" and "Numerology: Birthpath 9" and we have his height, ..."
I want to learn about dominants.
Another site, astrotheme has the normal data you'd expect for Mr. Martin: birthdate, place, then Sun (barely) in Capricorn, Moon in Pisces but more or less in Aries, Gemini Rising/Asendant, before listing the Dominants and such.
My suspicion is that especially for cuspers and for people with more interesting Sun Sign situations, ... it's really more interesting to know their dominant signs/houses. But what are they?

I bet you if I knew my chart, it would still be Taurus-heavy. and I think I already mentioned Mercury or something.

I bet you Oscar de la Renta's...not enough data for him I suppose.
But you've really got to see what I wrote for Ricky and compare it with his chart and see how on the money I was. How? How does this happen?

t said...

Watching Keri Hilson in a duet with sex-sleep-voice-dance-Taurean Chris Brown. She has a quality voice, beautiful texture, a little rasp, a little silk, and I'm looking at her too: Taurus, I say. Aw but maybe maybe this and that Pisces, Virgo, Libra, Aries (Libra/Aries from her look not from her voice at all) no, Taurus I say. Let me check. None of the above: Dec 5 Sag.

t said...

Check this out. I just discovered The Young Turks a few minutes ago. watching and listening to host Cenk Uygur and on my second video (just after he said he doesn't like fire as in protests that include people burning things) I just thought Water Sign, which one, I thought Cancer nah, this man is Pisces. Oh what a soft gentle cuddly show host, nice and round and softhearted Pisces. What's his name again, let me see so I can check his birthdate, I thought and while I was doing this he said something else (he doesn't like the 'not my president' protest argument) and I thought, Pisces, but could be Aries and authoritarianish in an Aries way and yes Pisces or Aries which one, and who knows he could be Aquarian?
And his birthday came up in my search page and it's March 21. I don't even know yet if it's Pisces or Aries but wow, how do you like that cusp-detection wow he's near both Aries and Pisces. So let me check. Stilll unknown because Sun moves from Pisces into Aries a few minutes into the day March 21 1970 but born in Turkey hours ahead of GMT so actually the chance he's Aries is smaller, about 80-90% not about 95-99%. Really exciting.

Donald Trump will not be president.

t said...

Back to my sisters, the twins. Merc, Venus, Sun, all in Scorpio, while one has Scorpio ascendant and the other has Libra ascendant. They have Moon in Pisces.
That many planets in one sign or in one house is called a stellium I just learned.

Now remember how one of the twins was a little leo/fire/sag/libra to me, while the other was water on water and couldn't speak (figuratively speaking, repressed), well, I'm learning about the houses and

Mars in fifth house is "Those born with natal Mars in the 5th House are blessed to live a life full of activity. As the fifth house rules everything that is recreational, fun and promotes.." , "Also Known As: House Of Pleasure. Ruling Planet: Sun. Ruling Zodiac Sign: Leo. Celebrities With Mars In 5th House: Jennifer Lopez, James .." etc with sources and She's the libra ascendant one.


Mars in fourth house is "An individual with Mars in the 4th house feels touchy, raw and sensitive emotions close to home" and "Natal Mars in the 4th house feels frustrated; this is water house and his aggressive temperament can bring upheavals to the emotional" or "At its best, Mars in the fourth house uses its aggressive, assertive strength to support its family, defending weaker members or values that keep the family.."
Exactly what I see. (Sources , , ) She's the scorpio ascendant one with sun, merc, ven, (pluto too) in scorpio and moon in pisces

They also have both Mercury and Venus in retrograde at birth.

t said...

Summarizing Myself, in response to my Myers-Briggs profile, which is xNxP with a bias for I and apparently very strong (simultaneously) T AND F:

I believe I'm an Aquarius ascendant and a Pisces moon. Hmm. Aquarius very 'thinking' and off-beat anti-establishment, while Pisces very 'feeling' and oblivious of if not anti- establishment. By the way, Rihanna is a Pisces near the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces.

Normally, your ascendant is your younger self and your more outer, apparent, easily-noticed-by-folks self, which your moon is your self as you grow older, self as we go deeper, what-your-spouse-and-deep-connections-get self. So I was in the days of my youth, a school whiz partly thanks to abstract Aquarius, and in my older days a feelings-pro thanks to evolved, Christ-like Pisces.
Old came early for me, though, I'm 35.

Other than these colours, however, I'm Taurus in almost every major way - My main (Sun) sign is Taurus but also Merc, Ven, Mars signs. My outer signs are half (Jupiter, Saturn, and, well, Pluto?) in Libra which is in a small way Taurus-like (ruled by Venus, of love, aesthetics, smooth-natural-earthy beauty) but in a small way Aquarius-like (air sign and knowledge, abstraction, and information) and that's almost the entirety of my chart: A solid bed of Taurus with Pisces Moon + air-Aqua mind.
I'm lucky (and proud) to have my Taurus.
My Taurus will help me get a job.
Help me check off to-do lists.
Help me balance sometimes between the heart and head.
Or maybe I don't need my Taurus balance anymore; maybe that's the point. I can confidently be extreme heart , extreme head, or both, and confidently confidently confidently know I'm on Taurus terra firma even when in (Aquarius/Pisces) terra incognita La La Land.

I cognita the La La :P

t said...

All these years later and from the little I know, Sara is actually quite Gemini (even if a Sun sign Virgo)
and quite Aussie-Europe (nature/animals; knowledge-loving) even if born and raised in the U.S.

t said...

My first guesses for this steve bannon (formerly a finance, then a media person, and in these opening weeks of donald trump, nicknamed the puppetmaster) were Aries or Taurus but when I first checked, weeks ago, his birthday had him as Aquarius. Pardon me, Sagittarius.
Ok, but I've seen this guy's photos and I'm still sensing Taurus. I see a constant force, I see more strategy and stamina, and I see him as quite dangerous compared to the merely stupid and scattered force of donald trump.
I'm going to look for the Taurus in his chart, Taurus dominants, stuff like that. One minute: errr, NOPE. There's Sag and Scorpio and Libra in this chart and an Aquarius ascendant. And now I'm less scared of him, them. They'll fizzle out. They're a gang of noisemakers.

t said...

Lira made a perfectly wonderful album - Feel Good.
Months ago I got a newer album called Born Free. After listening to it many times now, I feel in awe of her simple focus on positive messaging in a popular music album. No compromises, just angelically positive. Just now I was saying: Lira, Pisces.
And also Lira, not Virgo. You see her in the videos and know it's not that. And I thought she sort of had a Libra possibility in her awkward graceful body, so distant second. And I didn't carefully consider other signs - maybe Taurus but no, that might match her body but not much else. And maybe Aries / Fire a tiny little bit because she's out there in the US, she takes charge of her career decisions, but that's not the primary energy in her life, just flavour, undertone.
I was right, Pisces.
It's likely that I had actually seen this before and this was memory at work, not intuition.
Lira, Piscean, angel. Let there be light.

t said...

Another person who's Pisces with a hint of Libra and hints of fire (I already know she's Pisces because she talks about it, but I don't know her birthday or her chart - I think she's mentioned it's a February birthday) is this lady I find online and met last weekend.
She's anxious and prayerful about her future husband and domestic life and the beautiful thing is it's going to be peaceful and wonderful just as she said. She hasn't decided on the future husband yet hehehe funny.
Pisceans aren't perfect - she's a little rude - but her heart is good. No we're not friends but I love her.

t said...

I've been studying the astrology of Donald Trump.
If one had to guess the guy's sign, the two salient matters would be Aries for the physically forceful throwing of his weight into actions without much sense or finesse, and of course Gemini for doing the same with words of his mouth. Always lying, always talking, faster than the rapperest rapper. Gemini like Kanye.

It turns out he's considered "Mars dominant" by astrodient but I don't understand where that is from since he doesn't actually have Aries in his chart at all. Has Mars in Leo and Moon in Sag for the Fire signs, but feels quite Aries as well. Funny to imagine the Mercury and Venus in Cancer (as he puts it, he has a good heart) but altogether I have no patience for this guy as president. The way he combines malevolent stupidity with feverish action, no, good heart or not, we must destrooooy him :)

t said...

By the way I like Kanye. Love Kanye. Definitely a rapper and a talker, but HE has a good heart and is compared to Donald far more thoughtful and balanced even. They are alike in being performers, I'm guessing some Mercury/Venus in Leo flavour for Kanye? his chart says no, but Kanye would have approached the position with more humility and common sense and less evil. #fact. Moon in Pisces, awwww sweet.

t said...

Parental advisory :)
To counter my anti-Firesign sentiment from two comments ago, I decided to have fire sign sex, so not a shag, not making lurve, not a lay or a roll in the hay, more like a slutty fuck.
Took my guy by surprise hehe, he's a fire sign (Aries) and it was nice to do things his way for a change. Encounters to be continued. I don't see why not ;)

To make the change, a bit of effort on my part - a bath in the tub, lace and see-through to get the door ehm teats and butt cheeks, tall shoes, pretend to be an African-American exotic dancer, the right music (beforehand I'd arranged a suitably masculine playlist of maybe 15 tracks - some Young Thug, some Desiigner, and five other tracks from South African house music, Nigerian rap, Yoruba hip-hop, and Afro R&B). Little or no female worship today; a little more rude and funny towards woman (I find it funny when I hear all that bitch ho rap and violence rap). No complaining about being tired lol. No politics around the fellatio - just do it, and do it.
He made sure I really uhm screamed and squealed lol.

I have very little fire in my astrology but I may have stoked it now :D Nice change.

t said...

On the Aries 'feel' of Donald J. Trump: he has Mars conjunct his ascendant. It is significant particularly because the angle is small.

That mystery is solved.

t said...

I'm ready for a couple of wrong guesses
Alicia Keys, soo Virgo, right now on Jimmy Fallon. And she's not a good actor (bodily), unlike a Beyonce who embodies easily. Check - wrong, Aquarius January 25.

Miley Cyrus, sooo fire sign. Then again. Other flavours present. Check - Sagittarius November 23. 1 in 4. Barely made it 😊 She is sort of other things and she has a lot of cusps all over actually...

Someone far more straightforward is Donald Trump...we already saw the entertaining/tiring Gemini sun sign, and the action-y/thought-free faux-Aries from the Mars dominance (mars 'conjunct' his ascendant/rising in Leo). In my view, a third leg in the tripod of his astro-psychology is the Leo showoff , grand / expensive. If there's a fourth, it's hidden to me - that good heart of which he speaks.

t said...

Corrections! Moon in Pisces not Aquarius , and Moon in Aries unlikely Pisces. Not sure why I made those errors.

t said...

The last comment was in reply to a May 2016 comment - it's arranged below that comment in mobile but seems not to have that format in this browser.

New stack of guesses:
about two days ago, guessed Pisces for Anna Wintour (saw her neat little face and body and bob hairdo in a comedy sketch with Seth Meyers). I was wrong, she's actually Scorpio. I should have guessed from the things we know about AW that she's more tooth-and-nail than Pisces.

Met two half-brothers yesterday, one of them likes me and put me at ease quickly, we were neighbours as kids but I don't remember him. We hung out for a few hours and I felt I didn't have a read on his sign at all but oh well I'd guess Taurus. I was wrong; he's a May 23 Gemini (sort of Taurus cusp).

By this morning I was alone at home thinking his half brother is Cancer, almost certainly. Could also be other things, maybe Leo, maybe Capricorn, but ... so we all met up again this evening and I said, I think over 50% chance, 60% chance you're Cancer and he said yeah, but sorta cusp June 20th he said.

By later in the evening, they were joined by his old friend and the old friend's girlfriend. Instead of socializing properly I was saying to myself Sagittarius - from the side of her face, her braids etc. After we stood, walked etc I was not so sure, I was adding guesses like Aquarius, ... so I had to have someone ask nicely.
I thought 40% chance Sag, but if not, could be Scorpio or Aquarius, if not, maybe mild chance Capricorn. I also thought teeny chance Pisces but didn't mention that. So it wasn't Sag. Then we said Scorpio or Aquarius and YES, she said Scorpio.

But what is this method I'm using?

t said...

But June 20th isn't even Cancer, I just checked. Could it have been July 20th then? Or nobody cares :)

t said...

Read this, spoken by Venus Williams about Ava DuVernay, this morning: "But she also embraces other people's perspectives. When we worked together, Ava was able to integrate herself into my life and see things through my eyes. It takes a very special person to do something like that."
Read a book about men's moon signs yesterday, and I'm a moon in pisces, and so I immediately guessed moon in pisces for this woman, because of the see things through my eyes superpower :)
I didn't try to guess her sun sign because I don't really have data about her as a person, I just know she's recently famous and a very accomplished filmmaker or producer or greenlighter or Hollywood creative + business person.
I checked this afternoon, and YEP, Pisces Moon.

I am happy to feel this great fortune of being a Pisces Moon person. It's a great fortune, a gift, I love it.

t said...

Yesterday I was watching this short recording of an actress I'd never seen (nor heard of), named Alexis Bleidel and was struck within a minute or two that she's an earth sign. Which one? I couldn't say. Maybe Taurus? Maybe I don't know? But I could be wrong and she could be a Libran. Scorpio. Who knows, even Pisces. I could be wrong, but no I really think she's an earth sign I just don't know which one. So I check and YES she's an earth sign - Virgo, born in mid-September.

A few minutes later I'm watching this interview of Idris Elba on Seth Meyers. I've heard of the guy and I've seen photos. I've never seen him at work (acting) and I'd never heard his voice until this interview (I instantly thought it was 1. unexpected, very British. 2. annoying.) I understand that he's thought to be very sexy in the manner that people get named sexiest man alive or get considered to play James Bond and over the past year or two or however long this nonsense has gone on, I've started to catch the bug too, but my original response to the man's photos would have been to not care at all. My immediate response to the man's interview (in the first minute or two) was LEO. Definitely Leo. No plan B, I have to be right about this one. So I check and nope, he's a Virgoan too, an early September Virgo. What do you know? Then I find out that he's a likely Leo Moon (either Leo or Virgo Moon, about 50-50 chance based on the birthdate) to go with his Virgo Sun.
I'm an earth sign too but I've usually found Virgo energy bores me and also annoys me. There's a flavourlessness and an effortfulness that they can have awh. But this Idris Elba guy was funnyish and quirkyish on top of his Virgo work ethicish.

t said...

The twins were born in a Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde.
Was just reading stuff about Venus retrogrades and had to stop and match it to 'the Queen's' birth it was so descriptive of her. Sure enough...
Seems she got the can't speak energy (improving) and the loser at love energy , while her twin seems to not have. At any rate, it's clearing away, she's getting more confident and ok with assering/expressing and she will get less desperate about love.

t said...

Learning so much astrology today that it will have to be a new post (someday). On the personal front, I'm summarizing my chart better; understanding better what the pieces are and the glaring features. Besides having a stunning stellium in Taurus (and what the pieces of that stellium - Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron, mean), I also have an outer stellium in Libra (so I have two Venusian stelliums actually, since Libra is ruled by Venus) encompassing Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Juno. The first stellium is in my third house (I think of the third house as a surrogate Gemini) while the outer (therefore maybe less super-major-important) stellium is not all in one house but split between eigth and ninth. ALL my outer planets are in retrograde. Read that again. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto retrogrades. Juno retrograde. I read summaries of what all these retrogrades mean.

On the global level, the four outermost planets are in retrograde now (longer retrogrades for each, but coinciding retrogrades lasting all this month) In addition, mercury is in retrograde since Friday or Saturday and will be for about one month) I believe the world out there is in a slowed-down mode, to rethink, reflect, regroup, recharge, ... but especially for me, being born in similar retrograde planet configurations, I've been driven to stop, to slow, to enter what I've been calling a deep chill, as though sleep might be the most important and positive action I could take these days.

t said...

for the record, Here are the dates for the retrograding planets:

Mercury- August 12 to September 5, 2017
Saturn-April 6 to August 25, 2017
Uranus- August 3, 2017 to January 2, 2018
Neptune- June 16 to November 22, 2017
Pluto- April 20 to September 28, 2017


t said...

I just guessed correctly: Issa Rae - Capricorn.
I haven't watched Insecure, but everyone it seems is watching it, so out of curiosity I've seen advertising for the show and now listening to (while browsing other sites) and partly watching her on The Breakfast Club. Watched the bit where she answered about how she lost all the weight. I just said CAPRICORN. Then I heard her mention that she was from Senegal or some place in West Africa so I doubted myself, maybe she seemed Cappie (relatively) because she's African living in America, but ehn, I dunno. Then I checked and she has a January 12 birthday.

A couple of hours before that: I was watching an interview Jonathan Mannion did with Nigerian music journalists. Mannion is a photographer documenting hip-hop and all the artists and culture. I got a Capricorn vibe from him but I thought it wasn't that he was actually Capricorn but that something about his look and build and bearing and also his meticulous career and his pride in it and description of it were Cappie. But I also felt sure that he was not a Cappie. So I investigated and he's a Sagittarius with no obvious Capricorn influences, so I'm thinking maybe Capricorn Rising/Ascendant? 50% sure he's a Capricorn Ascendant.

Some weeks ago, beautiful comedian Seth Meyers dressed down silly president Donald Trump. Capricorn stepping into the leadership vacuum. Taurus comedian Stephen Colbert can't stand donnie the prez either, and took leadership to shepherd the frazzled people and assure them that this guy was not a leader. Around the same time, Secretary of State Ron Tillerson stood up and filled in for the missing president (the US and the world have a clown and lunatic instead of a president) too. And I thought wow, all the EARTH SIGNS finally rise up to stop the foolishness the world has been up to the last few years - you know, from Paris Hilton through Kim and other clowns, culminating in donald trump. And so I thought Tillerson had something Capricorn going on. Or maybe Pisces. That rare Pisces that became head of one of the biggest companies in the world. But doesn't get bossy, because it sort of just happened to him, and the money, millions and millions of dollars, doesn't really matter. But I checked and he's not a Pisces but a March 23 Aries.

I'm trying to remember which of Donald's worst days or worst weeks it was that brought out all the 'adults' the earth signs. Oh well.
Just now when I looked up Tillerson in google, it presented a "people also search for' bar with only three names in it (with birthdates.) All three were earth signs: Jefferson Sessions Dec 24 Capricorn. More interstingly James Mattis Sept 8 Virgo. And MOST interestingly, his literal adult supervision, the Chief Of Staff that was foisted on him when his stupidity became more excessive than excess itself, JOHN F. KELLY May 11 Taurus.
You're welcome.

t said...

Part of me wants to stop writing this list of astro comments. But there are still more comments I want to make soooo...

remember about my sisters, the twins - both Scorpio, and how I thought one had flavours of Aries and Leo while the other had water upon water upon water? Well, now that I know charts and houses a bit, it turns out I was really very correct. They both have four-stelliums in Scorpio (Sun, Merc, Venus, and Pluto) and then 2 Sag, 1 Cap, 1 Aquar, 2 Pisces (Moon and Jupiter in Pisces.) The point is that for one of them, it works out to a 1st house stellium and a relatively minor 5th house stellium (and remember the 1st house is a surrogate Aries, the 5th is a surrogate Leo). For the water-baby, she has the Scorpio stellium split about her ascendant in the 12th (surrogate Pisces) and 1st houses, and ends up with 12th, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th houses occupied as follows (2,3,2,2,1) so for instance Moon in Pisces in 4th house (water all the way) and Pluto in Scorpio in 12th house (water, water, water). I think. Put another way, there's Mars in 5th house for the social-butterfly one (and I recommend she just go ahead and run for office, politics, oh and she LOVES children, they love her, but I guess this way other people's children can occupy her) ... there's Mars in 4th house for the home-and-emo one and she works in hospitality (she really loves it, she has a Capricorn-y tinge to her work-life, a career chica through-and-through) which is sort of filling in for the need for home-and-family, domestic life.

I did my mum's chart too, with a guess on her birth time. Talk about that some other day.

Encountered a debut album by a Nigerian female musician I'd never heard of before, rap, got through half the album (it's pretty good, sounds honest, impressive skill level, competent adaptation of today's best rap form/style to a Naija-abroad person) and she's Scorpio. Her name is Nezi Momodu, @Nezifah . I can't find her birthday online, but someday you'll check and see she is. :) Hmm, maybe because Sza is Scorpio (Af-American chic who does the suburban bourgie-black not necessarily black because bourgie for 90s kids means race is multicultural). Also maybe because it's the sort of complex job that I've only seen Scorpios do - to be a chic when rap is male, be a pioneer yet be a sensitive reclusive songwriter, do a competent job which requires teams and collaborators and hard work and socializing, push the work which requires self-belief and not self-sabotage, all that at once, ehn, likely Scorp.

Was checking out a different person, a social butterfly, attractive in the way that (he corroborated) gets ppl to want to match him with their daughters and sisters. I did that too lol. I can't decide if he's Scorpio or Taurus or both lol. I look forward to getting the data. He does selfies (horror), got lots of education, is very positive, jolly, and social; not so sure about the sister thing now that I know him a bit better (met twice at events this weekend) before now it was once at an event like three years ago and stuff i read in an interview he gave and stuff online. He could be something else, maybe Gemini, but nah, it's a Taurus vibe that is heaviest here. Heavier than the Scorpio vibe.

t said...

Ah, reminds me, other things I knew before astro corroborated them: the sister thing - Taurus is so right for the water one; they say your "spouse" "marriage" "partner" attraction is defined by the ruler of your seventh house (that is, take your ascendant sign, the opposite sign is that.) And for the other twin, remember how it was fuzzy, but maybe I thought the Aries-Taurus cusper might be it? Exactly. This formula gives Aries for her but because she's a Scorpio/water-heavy person, Aries is also not quite right; so I tend to think of people who are pseudo-Aries for her. Have some of that dry-ish unemotionalish strength and drive, and yet have some complexity (earth or water) to meet the needs of a water sign.
And ok, for myself too, there was this word that often came up for me in my preferences for who I might marry: noble. I mean, the more essential things - be gentle (or else I'm gone, floated away, like really absolutely no noise, no craziness, no violence, no bullshit - I'm improving a bit but really, you f'ing give any whiff of being psycho or disturbing my peace lol you're past tense) are there still, but this word NOBLE is so specific, royalty, generosity to "the people", somehow being above it all, because like I say "I don't hustle", so this regal heart that knows it's bigger and above. Guess what? With my (guessed but really like > 95% sure) Aquarius ascendant my 7th house ruler is leo. aka noble. lol.
The bit about needing a person who is gentle gentle always gentle is the Pisces moon talking. And especially the experience of my mum who was always f'ing stressed out and stressing everybody out with noise and bs. Lol.
I saw a different friend - a guy on my marry list lol - put it this way on his facebook : (a woman who wants to live with him) should not disturb the feng shui. He argues that he's not a Pisces moon even though it's a possibility for his birth date. Yeah right. I assume he is a Pisces moon. Ok if I'm proved wrong some day.

t said...

On Big Sean and Jhené Aiko's astrology
Jhene sings with this ethereal, otherworldly whispery vocals and works amongst hiphoppers. I just recently heard her album and it's glorious. Big Sean is a rapper whose latest album (the first of his album that I listened to) is 1. excellent and 2. preoccupied with usefulness - it entertains and is skillful and artful but more saliently, it's a companion for people who want to get ahead in life in concrete ways - career and the support system / family that interacts with that successful career person. Not the usual focus of work in rap - and I was inspired to recommend it on my business blog (so Big Sean really belongs in the Financial Times) and such. So of course he's Capricorn. Except one day I checked and he was not? Actually Aries. Which made no sense to me. Sorta Pisces-Aries cusp but I kept on forgetting this info and thinking he was Capricorn.

It's said that they're a couple - Jhene Aiko and Big Sean - so I decided to guess what her sign might be. If he was Capricorn...oh but he's Aries, that's so weird, so might she be a what Sagittarius? Aquarius? She seems a little Taurean/Libran Venusian beautiful. What is going on? Oh wait her music is Pisces. Pisces. Yes. But she is not just her music - she wears jeans and plays and moves like this carefree Sagittarius. So I'm like she is likely Pisces but looks like a Sagittarius, but how is a Pisces in a love-lockdown with an Aries.
Check out the story: First of all, although Big Sean is Aries, he's a Capricorn dominant. A huge 4-stellium in Capricorn when he was born. Get something else - he was born just a few days after Jhene Aiko (same birthday in the same year) so they're actually both Pisces-Aries cuspers, and she has the same outer signs and all that, the same 4-stellium in Capricorn. SHe has a Sagittarius ascendant (and outwardly seems Sag), and both Sun/Moon in Pisces, which consensus "feel" sometimes lends a more direct, Aries-like energy to a person that the woozy-dreamy Pisces person. He has an Aries ascendant and a 12th house Sun in Aries (and sometimes a 12th house means an indirect expression, a surrogate Pisces feel really softening up and diffusing the usual focused/direct Aries power). He just happens to seem Capricorn and have a Capricorn style in his work.
Fun. Funny. PS not actually saying they should stay together - the stuff i've written here makes them more kin/sibling-like, which is wonderful and reassuring and familiar and supportive and nice, but you know, maybe they'll find other people to play with later...

oooh they both have Venus in Taurus. no wonder she's the meaning of beauty to him and she is beauty to me. and he's a Cancer moon so he's moon-y Pisces-y enough for her. Hey, who knows? ;)

t said...

@Nezifah - Sept 19th = not Scorpio. I'm shocked here. :)

t said...

guess the sign of former google CEO (2001-2011) Eric Schmidt, who was famously described as 'adult supervision'? Lol April 27 TAURUS.

t said...

quick correction: same birthweek, not birthday, for Jhene Aiko / Big Sean. obviously.

t said...

Jimmy Kimmel, comedian, so dapper and composed, but in this presentation he gives after the latest mass-shooting in the US (Las Vegas) starts to cry, actually dissolves twice in the first minute, at which I said "Taurus" , and checked, but no he's Scorpio.

I feel he made a difference. I can't imagine that he didn't make a difference Re: US gun laws.

t said...

Like I said, I mean to stop updating this comment list, but hey, two more.

From a few weeks ago, I guessed a Taurean in one. He's a finalist in this year's big poetry prize and I accompanied a friend to interview him. I looked at the books of the three finalists and liked his style best of the three, most similar to my style I'd say. So of course I'm watching him do his interview; another finalist was in the same room being interviewed too, because it makes sense to have recordings interfere with each other ( :-o ) and I think the other finalist was Aries or Aries-ish. Didn't get a chance to confirm that. Third finalist wasn't there, but photo might suggest Libra-ish? Virgoish?

Oh well, with my favourite finalist, we walked to his room for another interview, made some Taurus-y jokes while the interviewer went away to get equipment, walked back afterwards to the interview room from the room, and near the interview room there was a painting he said he liked, he said he really liked, he said he liked so much that he could steal it. The colours were baby-poop green and brown and maybe white lines cutting through the basic cloud of earthy colour. The scene reminded me of these cedars in Russian film class. The brown (this mild dirty-yellow shade of it) said likely Capricorn to me, but could totally be Taurus. With the green and with the force with which he loved the painting and wanted it soothing him, I leaned more towards Taurus. His legs as he walked, Taurus. He walked like a child. He had a relaxed bearing too. Really like a content child, this in spite of being a nerd and quite accomplished Nigerian adult. He was not dressed as a Taurus - black slacks, black-and-white shirt, probably comfortable black shoes -- all that was close enough, his black trousers were somehow less formal and more comfy-looking because of his relaxed self in them, the shirt should have been a softer texture and an earthier colour (so I doubted Taurus again and wanted to lean towards Capricorn) ... but I said to him, ok, don't think I'm weird but ... been watching you and I like guessing signs and I think you're a Taurus. YES. I'm a May man, he said.
I hope he wins lol.

t said...

Different person: Robin Thicke. I was thinking about his sexy music and how much trouble he's got into for simply being a sexual seeker, in need of something, and wondering if he had that Venus-Pluto conjunction that I've been observing with amusement in people's charts. (Some people have sex more dominant in their life story, seek it out more, do it more if they can, and in some cases it's A GIFT. Well, they're good at it, and they're sort of like healers or whatever...that's why a diversity of people go to them for sexual help...they're like consultants lol. And nowadays people are try to make people not have sex with many people and for such folks it's like death. Like, starving off their avenue for expression. It is repressive and I am eager for our society to learn better and stop repressing these people. What if YOUR path to enlightenment passed through f*ing a lot of people, ehn? Lol.) So I didn't find a Venus-Pluto for soul-music-master sexy-Robin-muthafu*ing-Thicke , nor did I find him to be a Scorpio which was my guess, nope, he's Pisces.
Awwww. Let the nigger get his good lovin', stop hatin'
I've seen a different Pisces male with a similar attraction to and hunger for *something* in sex, a desire to serve, to lose himself, to find humour / fun in it ... and he changed after a while and decided to be religious. Weird. But yeah, maybe Thicke too will find a new weirdness to explore. Meanwhile his music so far has been spectacular, wonderful, I LOVE IT.

Meanwhile, the twins (sisters) - Venus conjunct Pluto, baby! Lol.

Musician Tomi Thomas is Scorpio, I know that, but I'll guess some Uranus and Pluto special feautures too. Like Sun-Uranus (not possible since I know he was not born in the 70s, not even the 80s), other facctors strengthening Uranus for (Uranus and Aquarius for weird/original), and also like Venus-Pluto though it seems he's more knowledgable about and good at expressing Venus-Pluto than actually being it? So maybe some Taurus-y thing there? A little Leo for show-business, a little Taurus for home-buddy and slouchy-clothes sometimes. Alright not saying much in this paragraph I guess. I'm a fan of course.

t said...

Listening to Sinatra, and in this song he makes this utterly beautiful transition - a loooong pause, and then oh, opens the throat, a beautiful note ... and I say he's Pisces. It's so touchingly beautiful, the singing.
So I check and it's not so, he's Sagittarius, and how oculd I be so wrong? and this curiosity sorta spoils my enjoyment of the rest of this song, so I check further, and he's a Pisces moon. Ok.

t said...

i usually don't look at transit charts i think they're called, this may be my first or second time ever, that is a chart of all the signs right now, on this day.
well, today it's something beautiful - a big blue triangle, a grand trine like they call it, with some major planet in every EARTH sign...i think moon in taurus, venus-mars in virgo, and pluto in capricorn, and all around 20deg (+/- 3 deg) in their respective signs. that suggests to me a time of sanity, for example not even donnie boy will do something crazy right now. the moon moves fast - almost 12 degrees per day? - so in a little while, say by evening or tomorrow, this particular magic will be broken.

anyway, nice observation.

oh, something about my astrology that i shoulda mentioned sooner:
i have sun square ascendant //
AND moon at the sun-ascendant midpoint.
granted, i'm really guessing about my birthtime and all, but i've a strong feeling about the chart i'm using , that it's reasonable.

t said...

He didn't win.

And the one I thought was Aries is actually May 24 Gemini. And the one I thought was maybe Libra looks fifteen years younger than his age - I can't find his birth-month but see from photos he looks 52ish but from birth year he's 68 or 69.

And I was at the same venue today for the announcement and got a photo of the painting ... first of all Russian birches never cedars, must have been tired when I wrote cedars...and second that's not even really what the trees and the streaks in the painting looked like.

t said...

I really was going to stop but hey.
I got one or two wrong recently that I've forgotten. I wasn't planning to write any more guess data.
I got one right a couple of hours ago: was looking at photos of Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO) and mostly from the boring single-colour clothes I said Virgo. And her general aspect, I thought Virgo or Libra. Something like that.
And she is a Virgo. And she's a Virgo with half her signs split between Virgo, the Virgo-Libra cusp, and Libra. Nice!

t said...

Re: the social butterfly guy - ok this is great. I just finally found his birthday on instagram and it's roughly May 5 TAURUS.
That is, I was RIGHTO!
This makes me feel good especially because of how outwardly not-Taurus he is. All that gregariousness, the selfies, the bouncing about, but if you pay attention, or especially if you're in the same space with him for even a moment, you feel something different - the absolute sense of purpose, rootedness, order as the reason for the fakely-scattered activity. So he's not Gemini.

My Gemini brother phoned me last night and it was great fun. I didn't tell him what I really feel about a lot of things...I feel there's no need to bog him down with doubts and stuff. Does that seem disrespectful? I often feel he's 1. extremely intelligent and 2. pretty different from me, so that it's not ok for me to interfere in his life a lot. I try only to be useful and try to shut up when I'm not sure my comments will be explicitly useful.

t said...

To add to this success story, I found his likely year of birth as well, and he's a Scorpio Moon. Lol. Not sure how I nailed this so well.

A few hours ago I contacted Gemini brother and fixed the 'what I really feel' gap. Shared more info, didn't have to cross the line into meddling territory. It felt nice, and possibly was helpful for me actually. My mother wishes we were 'close' but no, I don't relax easily, at all. Pretty funny.

t said...

This is interesting - someone else reads earth in Jimmy Kimmel - he has an earth-type to his hands, she (Megan Fox) says.
Now I want to learn about hands. It did occur to me that I had sort of memorized features of the hands of this guy I like, he's not earth officially, but his hand is in general like this Kimmel guy's and like mine too. His wrist is broad and chunky compared to mine which is bony and tiny.
From the outer side, my hand seems more elongated than just earth...
Another guy whose hand I've noticed (not the palm, the outer/back) - he's officially earth but his hand is I guess trying to be an artist. Like seaweed, it's all fingers. Fascinating wrist, and his son has the same wrist - too cute.
And we're lucky to have lived long enough to notice each other? And you'll think I'm crazy but we all have past-life experiences together (except Kimmel - I don't think I know him - but the other two guys, each not just once but two, three times I can remember, ancient history and stuff. Yeah you think I'm crazy.

More about hands - that thing about fingerlength ratios and fetal testosterone fascinates me. Some boys have girl ratios and I have a boy ratio (my middle finger stands far taller than the ring-finger) and because I drew my hand when I was a child, I basically assumed that's what hands were like but nope, not for many people, esp women. And the literature I read back then (online maybe 13 years ago) had homosexual men with the biggest fingerlength gaps, that is, correlating with higher foetal testosterone or male-type fingerlength-ratios.

t said...

The 'heights' are of the ring finger (not middle finger) and forefinger. Many girls have long forefingers (the one next to the thumb), maybe reaching the height of the second finger (the one next to the pinkie). Interesting to watch more people, see what this looks like on the feet too (protuding / long toe next to the big toe correspond to the long forefinger I suppose?)
I've spent a lifetime not noticing these things so no surprise if I don't research too seriously. The other day I shook my mother's hand and it was very soft. I have soft hands but I was startled, maybe annoyed to notice one more point of inheritance. I didn't look more closely but someday I will? But my feet are at least half from her - her big toe but my father's small toe) so I expect to find more things in common. I have my father's wrist so I guess it means same ankle? But mum's calf-region / bowlegs. Bored yet? I'm bored.

t said...

Alright, for mum. Her birthday's tomorrow. She has a four-stellium in Scorpio, like her twin babies, Venus retrograde, and moon in a water sign (Cancer). Mars in Leo. The main thing to know is she had a tough style, but she has a good heart, and she's mellowing out. I guessed a Gemini ascendant because why not guess, and she has a good physique and is what you can call hot. Happy birthday mum. She's here now, new hair, and she keeps working keeps moving - she's not a person that rests. She works.

t said...

oh mennn, it'll be nice to learn more astrology.
For example, no, Big Sean does not "just happens to seem Capricorn and have a Capricorn style in his work" - his Capricorn stellium is even more important to his work because it's located about his "midheaven" (split between his 9th and 10th houses)
If I was an expert, this would be one of the key things that jump out at me in his chart.

Jhene is older by eight days and six hours and a little extra.
Their Cappie stellium includes Uranus-Saturn, Neptune and Mars. For her it straddles the 1st-2nd house.

t said...

Yes, they're Venus conjunct Pluto but maybe with the Venus retrograde they're not quite expressing this 'gift' like some others I know? The others I know have been male. My sisters have this in a Scorpio stellium, at the ascendant or in the first house, I mean, a lot of Scorpio here. So how is it expressed? I'm going to blame the retrograde Venus for delaying or hiding it, I think.
That said, I've seen one have a phase in which she was just stupid-sexy, like oozing estrogen or something, like disgustingly intense feminine beautiful wateriness like omg. She's still very water but not as ridiculously sexy as around 2009. The other one is I think confused and generally not going there with men or whatever. She's keeping them at arms length trying to figure herself out.

But the guys I've with like three degrees between Venus and Pluto omg has to fu* everybody within a 2mile radius, the variety, truly a consultant, he would not discriminate.
Another one with like half of a degree between Venus and Pluto, I don't know his style but I've seen him give the look to some beauuutiful girl he was seeing and Lord it was a force of nature, the kid was completely his, she was like not truly a person just a shell waiting to be mercifully f*d by the great lord or whatever. It may be that he's a serial 'fixer', like he's basically a sexuality training programme or whatever. His women start out clueless, come out confident, grown-up.
Both of these guys had their conjunctions in Libra.
My sisters have theirs in Scorpio so it really will be something! I hope they tell me hahaha.

There's this other guy I know with the conjunction but less than 1/4 of a degree apart, that close of a conjunction, in Libra. I've seen him in flirt mode with some woman who is nominally gay, ha, the woman was on a live show or whatever but she was dropping/losing her drawers in her mind. It was crae chemistry. My mind just wonders/wanders like oh my how many, like how, like it must be everything everyone everykind like just ants crawling out everywhere his sexy-time universe. If I'm wrong about this, oh well, I've been wrong about things.

t said...

i've been using a somewhat earlier birthtime for myself for over a year and it seems / feels right. Still aquarius rising. Can't remember why I shifted the time.

t said...

Back to mum. omg her Saturn square my Mars (quite exact, like 1degree, and to a milder extent - orb like 5deg - square my Sun.) But on the bright side, there is a bright side, her Jupiter sextile my Mars (pretty exact, and to a mild extent sextile my Sun)

What this means roughly: criticism and restriction like a lot, from Saturn to Mars, Saturn to Sun person. but separately via Jupiter connection, a great helper, contributing to my 'success'

And I'm starting to understand what karma might mean, since all this happened whether we liked it or not. And though I've written it in polite short paragraphs, it really was not so simple in real life.

There's another sister besides the twins. I'm betting Saturn-related blocks between us too? Yeah, weakly (+/- 4 degrees) opposite my Mars and Sun actually. We'll study her someday, later.

Dad's Saturn is in retrograde so it couldn't even 'Saturn' me if it wanted to. He Saturn'd/Saturn's my brother, I wonder how. I mean, my dad's only possible conflict with me would be conflict he has with himself lol, and he doesn't really seriously I think - we're just ok like two Taureans.
But maybe someday I'll understand about my parents. Because while they have created a lot together, oh what lousy hell, they are each other's purgatory. Just my own view.

t said...

with all three Venus-Pluto men here, I guessed their birthtimes, so I can't really know within a half or quarter degree - that precisely - but they are close conjunctions, and the half deg and quarter deg ones are certainly very close, one deg at most.

the half deg one has Saturn nearby, like one deg away, which I saw the first time I looked at his chart, and I said uh-oh, because maybe relationships might not work out so perfectly for him, and it's sad because there is such potential, he had met this girl and they were on cloud nine and ... everything he needed to 'fix' his life lol but Saturn conjunction. Which is not as shit as a saturn square, but it's just oh why do you have to be there frustrating this gorgeous story? and all this right by his Sun. he's one of those with everything going on within like ninety degrees, so bam bam things are close to things.

the quarter deg one, Saturn square like a muthafucka. Saturn smack dab squaring the Venus-Pluto. and the first time I 'met' him I 'heard' something that could be the literal Saturn square to a sexy-time natural whore, so maybe this is the tragedy, that the Venus-Pluto are there blazing and ready and the Saturn cockblocked the hell out of this nigga. I also 'heard' a birthtime for this person very early on, the first time I wanted to do his chart. And it was incredible, he's not a normal human being (I mean, nobody is, if you properly think about it, and properly love and respect them) but astrologically this person is a crystal in the sky, like 'o come let us adore him' proportions, like Jupiter right on the ascendant (but it was a guessed time, or a 'heard' time - who whispers these things to me - and the Jupiter is retrograde, so maybe not so massively Jupiter-ian?) and a Grand trine and all the trines so exact and most of the chart happening in the same degrees near the sign cusps, and the chart just has this exactness like a crystal and it's incredible. I bet his mother knew/knows that. Even if my birthtime entry is very wrong, it's still very true, the crystal, just not as exact.

t said...

speaking of lovers,

My kids, the boy is a Kanye, don't know if I told you this before. Right now he's the younger but I don't know he may (pretty likely) be born first. Talk talk gabber gabber a renegade prophet. The sister is older, old, old, older than me, but she's thinking of waiting. She set things up for me to meet the Kanye's dad because I'm too weak to set things up myself and I asked, I said, hey if you want me to be born, you've got to find a dad and a this and a that to make things go easily for me, and she did and so brilliantly. Properly, the Kanye's dad she's set me up with is not her dad; her proper dad is this other guy that I love too. All of this is in the future, and yet I wrote about it in my last poetry collection. But she is something special, a big ole witch for sure, in a good way, especially later later when she's a grownup, big body, she is a Rafa Nadal in terms of appearance, and I now remember that back in the day Rafella was a name I was considering, maybe I should use it still? The body of a Rafa, big and tall, probably plays basketball when she's a teen because I see one of those racer-back bra tops like volleyball players wear, and she walks with strength and confidence like one of those big lesbian volleyball superstars. And her big brother is actually her little brother, but hey it happens, and he is a talker, and he is deep, and he is outrageous and hilarious with the things he says, and he is a Kanye. So I'm not thinking Kanye is one of his names, because what does it mean ehn? but I'm thinking Fela. But the other day I was thinking no, Kanye's dad (my Kanye, not Mr. West) is the Fela, he IS that name - Olorunifela, Olorun-ni-fe-ola - and so I dunno, maybe Ama (Amadeu) is Kanye/Fela? maybe Ari (Ariyike - Ari-eyi-ke) is Rafa - I don't know if she totally likes the name Rafa lol but she'll go along and even get to like it - I'm the poet, the naming person? She's so kind to me. Thank you babe, kisses.

I think my Kanye is Gemini and my darling Rafaella is Libra. I even think he's a Pisces moon (both Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West have the same sun-moon combo) . She's very earth, maybe Taurus moon, but very witchy Aquarius-y too? Venusian woman.

t said...

PS My Kanye wants you to know that he's an old soul too. :P
Pisces moon is not a trivial amount of depth and 'age' and so he deserves his respect. But yeah, his sister is pretty old.

t said...

My daughter is Diana. The goddess, NOT the princess. I'm already concerned about how much she goes along with stuff, I mean, she had her actual dad, and now she's creating this situation where somebody else will...and the big reason she goes along is that the new (compromise) situation is recreated and transformed and always becomes even better than the original. And I'm scared now of how magical she is. And I'm off to read about Diana. But I won't actually name her Diana - it's too girly and too associated with the princess.

Just yesterday I'd been thinking about my Kanye's dad's mythology (omg huge - Persian king Darius, some of the greatest rulers of men ever known in the world, ever, I think Alexander, he thinks Napoleon) and I'd been thinking where my own mythology is hiding, because yes, I've been a maiden/daughter/lover but I've also been massive big Pegasus - but Pegasus with Mars and war action and I did it for love because the fight was unavoidable - up there with the biggest king. And soon after I worried about how to properly honour myself, not forget myself and my divinity because I was busy worshipping his name and his power and history and radiance, I saw a post on facebook, naming SERENA WILLIAMS . Oh, I thought, of course, there is Serena. And now Diana. And others. Not women as supporting actors, greatests of all time. Because I am a person and only barely a woman, I am a woman of course but definitely also a man. At least when it comes to greatness.

t said...

Besides Kanye and Kendrick, other Gemini Sun - Pisces Moon people according to are: Prince (the late American musician and performer), Blaise Pascal (science guy France, 17th century whose name you heard a lot in school I'm sure), lots of French celebrities, and possibly, mildly Dustin Moskovitz ( a less well-known co-founder of Facebook )

t said...

and I checked re: Libra sun and Taurus moon (guess for my daughter) and it gives Sigourney Weaver (a tall - 5'11" tall) American actress, a Hawaiian crown princess from the late 19th century who was named Ka'iulani) and who "became known throughout the world for her intelligence, beauty and determination" ... I'd never heard of her ... and in between Ms. Weaver and the ill-fated but courageous crown princess, we have many many actresses but also a variety of other known people from across time and lands. Jesse Jackson (civil rights leader USA), Denis Diderot (18th century), Kevin Durant (basketball), Richard III (king, England), St. Francis of Assissi, Donald Glover (young, black, preppy-with-the-glasses American entertainment maven), Amma (mystic/ "spiritual leader"), F. Scott Fitzgerald (writer), ...

and back to Diana, oh yes, says she "was the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature in Roman mythology, associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. She was equated with the Greek goddess Artemis. " And that is absolutely my daughter, as I've been writing about her as been drawn to return to the forest trees, I mean in one of my earliest poems from 2008/2009 that I wrote in NYSC in Yola, and it said of her "one day when the forest trees call you, go ahead..." and I wasn't even , I don't even know how, but anyway, she is. Going to lead a lot of lost people. And there is a forest to be returned to and reestablished/repopulated. And she is shy and not necessarily wanting to be revealed like this, and just as soon as she says that she adjusts and accepts and creates a better story that involves me writing these words. She can create anything in form, in space. And then her own body - from the teens on - is a marvel of form too. J'adore.

t said...

they are Apollo and Artemis/Diana, twins in mythology. sons (children) of Jupiter/Zeus who had slid into Saturn's spot. (and i 'saw'/'felt' it happen: as soon as this guy, who was Regulus too, came along, Saturn who had been a soldier 'knew' and just slid away, and I remember it as the new guy pulling rank, and the love of my life slinking off without a fight, but that's just because he's stoic, but he secretly cried, and cries, but he has to do what he has to do, and soon after that he snuck back and had me - of course - so the soldier is not above secretly getting it on with the general's woman, and i was delighted for his victory, but altogether there is a recognition of rank, the faithful Soldier is a Titan, Saturn, but he's not Zeus, but he will always serve me and love me, and I will always too, and it's too early to say what regulus will think about this subject's loyal service but potentially wife-borrowing ways, whether it will inflame / irk somehow or whether it will be embraced / permitted through a royal graciousness which we will allll appreciate - me, soldier, and even Ari/Artemis who seems to adapt to any choice but would really be better matched with soldier for her dad. )
and i don't know if i'm Hera/Juno or the twins' real mother Leto, who was harassed by Hera/Juno. women lose themselves and i'm at a risk of it too. i am Venus too, whatever else i am. and of course i'm a man. and a horse. and tight friends with the other horse, Saturn, Titan, Soldier, when we were not soldiers - it was bliss and we were partners and we were best-friends and lovers; and one time we were both friends with the white horse regulus or maybe just colleagues - work, war, you know?;
and once as a horse, a transmuted god, a final-battle war monster, i was frightful with wings bigger than any Pegasus, just once when the situation (once, at war) called for it. and i was war partners with regulus/zeus; but now i would not war, i would avoid war at pretty much any cost. it's not worth the high. but wow, was it a high!
P.S. I read a bit about Greek/Roman myth on wikipedia this morning; some of the names are from there.
But regulus was from about a month ago, a discovery about my Kanye's dad.

t said...

so i went and touched my mother the other day :) we could make a habit of it. i mean, she's great, she deserves whatever makes her happy.

t said...

wish to correct "one with like three degrees between Venus and Pluto omg has to fu* everybody within a ... radius" - the way the word fu* is normally used doesn't work here. need a word with less of an aggressive connotation as there is apparently almost no deliberate action from the person at all, need a word signifying a collaboration, possibly the preposition "with" after it, ...
A lot of words we need to refer to the things we do, I'll say.
so yeah he served a lot of women :D hus generosity knows/knew no bounds.

t said...

That day I could have written a lot more, but electricity. Then more electricity problems. More permanent electricity problems. And I figured oh well maybe there's something to be said for not writing super-deep super-private shi* everywhere lol.

But I sort of will outline (even now as I'm at my parents' house holding my breath because electricity and when it goes it'll be many hours before I can resume wherever the writing stopped) - mum was a warrior queen. Mars in Leo even. not a huge huge force like the one i repped as a dragon-monster-flyinghorse-giantdodo- powerfulthingie-queentransformed , more a bootstrapping (do it yourselfing) sword-fighting tireless band of fighters, defenders, attackers. gentleness is something she's now trying on but it is not her nature or her preference but blood war pain strain those things she seems more at home with.

what my Kanye actually said was that Pisces moon was not "to be sniffed at" but i paraphrased/translated because i like to avoid idioms that are not understood widely by normal / average English users.

I look forward to learning more about myself. (paranoid about the electricity cutting me off)

t said...

me and Kanye's dad, there was the time he was some sort of knight, skulking about the woods on security missions or whatever, and one time i fled wherever i was (husband or captor or whatever) and to his abode, castle or smaller than a real castle or whatever, on a hill, everybody knew the place and knew him it seemed. at least there i could be happy.
and that put him in trouble of course, with whoever i left. but he was one of those fearless ones, on the outside. one of those who had too much saving to do. busy person, caped and titled - a Count? - a lord and owner, on a black horse.
and one time he was executed, i mean men hated him and so they got him one day - their nemesis - and it was they chopped him off (the swinging dick could no more swing) and made a big spectacle of his execution. and maybe it was partly because of me, or maybe i just chose to feel so.

and bats out of hell sometimes, like Dracula transforming from caped to bird. not that i've watched Dracula. it does pay to pray, when you need help there are people who get dispatched out to help you. he was a key one in those days.

t said...

another edit, see "Talk talk gabber gabber a renegade prophet. "
I didn't mean:
a renegade prophet
but I meant to write:
a renegade (comma) prophet or a renegade (and) prophet or a prophet-renegade or a renegade-prophet perhaps. okay.

t said...

editing Dec 07 6:54am post, last line: "HIS generosity..."

a lot of errors, I guess.

t said...

I've often thought of Angelina Jolie as the most Scorpio-like Gemini ever. The themes of her work and public life are so ... to me heavy and bloody, ever primal - war rape violence, war mixed with lovers and hospitals and babies mixed with landmines, obsession and vials of blood around the neck, ... and yet I didn't find anything explaining this last time I checked.
So now I'm going to look again. Hypothesis: Pluto-dominance can indicate Scorpio-ness, but also because to me Scorpio is the fire sign of the water signs, Fire(Water) is how I symbolize it, sometimes a very firey-fire influence can bleed into a very watery-water and create a Scorpio feel. For example, Mars in Aries with Moon in Cancer (some poor people have that and I wonder how they can keep them separate - maybe they can't). Or a Sun-sign Cancer/Pisces with tons of heat bubbling under. Or Mars in Sag/Leo with a lot of water and a bit of fire or a lot of Scorpio/Pluto. Things like that.
Let me study her chart a bit...
it's nothing special lol. Just a mars-moon-jupiter in Aries (so moon mixed with mars and the blend amplified by nearby jupiter) all in the fieriest fire and croded around her midheaven (jupiter is actually ON her midheaven) so that this is a key theme for her work-career. Mars trine Neptune keeps her inspired with otherworldy imagery to draw upon for aforementioned career. The possible good news is that she (relatively) saves the drama for the stage - she is not as disturbed in home-life as she can be in her work-life though I still pitythefool who would live with her lol. On the water side, she's also a Cancer dominant with Venus and Saturn in Cancer in the 12th (pseudo scorpio) house. Her Venus is right on the ascendant so she is heavily perceived as beautiful - I mean she sort of is, sort of isn't, but people's gut-reaction to her is ooooh take me, your beauty is overwhelming. Another thing that is interesting, intensity-wise is that with her ascendant near the cusp of a water and fire sign (Cancer-Leo) and with the way in astrology houses are matched to signs starting with a fire sign (cusp of Pisces and Aries, if you don't understand this don't worry - I'm not explaining well), the 12 houses and signs sort of match, as in, they're in the same element fire signs in 'fire' houses and so on. That means as we saw before her Cancer is in another water house, making the house even more watery. Similarly her Aries 'stellium' is in the 9th house (connected with Sagittarius, another fire sign.)
When I think about her to be honest, besides the Scorpio vibe that I would think was overwhelming based on her work, I might have been superconnfused thinking she seemed Sag, or Aquarian, something like that. Now that I've seen her chart, I might think her dominant signs are Aries, Gemini, Cancer (not sure of the order) - and astrotheme has ...(edited) "Sun-Gemini, Ascendant-Cancer, Moon-Aries, Midheaven-Aries; Dominant Signs- Aries, Cancer, Gemini ; Dominant Planets-Moon, Mars, Jupiter ; Dominant Houses 9,11,1 ; and Dominant elements- Fire, Water"

I consider her Scorpio-ness explained now lol.

t said...


A friend of mine is/was married to a Cancer Moon with Mars in Aries (in a Leo sun-sign container but still) and I say hey she may put on a competent package on the outside but spare a thought (sympathy) for her because she is the motherest mother with all the water vibration on her moon, and the firest fire with let's just say a turbo engine driving her physicality - like a regular car with a V-10 or sportscar engine, and the balancing act or just coping with these two extremes must be exhausting for the subject and the people living with subject should try to understand.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, dentist I met who was so intriguing. Young, female, clearly whip-smart, fantastic, and we were clearly attracted to each other but fled from it. I managed to get her name to try to contact her. My guess was she was a Scorpio-Sagittarius person, not one but both somehow. Turned out (I found her birthdate for sure but only had guesses on the year) she was not. She was a far softer, dreamier, lighter vibration of Scorp-Sag with her birthday on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp BUT she was either a Mars in Scorpio or Mars in Aries as I recall (from her birthday and me eliminating some years) and that is a big fat fucking engine for a pisces or aquarius-pisces to be carrying around, and no wonder she was burned out - she had a fucking ulcer thing that was ruining her life with pain and suffering and scorpio-ness, but she also couldn't step down her need to do more and be more than just a dreamer or whatever. also she was from the pluto-in-scorpio generation, so more scorpio.
I wish I could help her and help people by explaining things like this to them so they can understand themselves - she really needed me. No, not me to be her 'lovah' or anything, but to sort of be her therapist (she sensed that immediately, a very Scorpio thing to do, she mentioned it, she had diagnosed herself and she had found her doctor but something - professional etiquette or so - made her not pursue it) . I made notes about her but they're not here, just saying the bits I remember. Oh, she had a boy's name, just glorious. She's so interesting, but so much fucking scorpio that ipitythefool. It's okay if you love scorpios and pseudoscorpios, ok?

t said...

My mum is a water sign, well, fire of water - scorp. She needs hugs but she is sort of a cactus. I feel bad about the way last night for example I escaped arguing/whatever with her / she gets tired and oozes it as conflict and last night it happened but i knew it was just a trap and of course my goal was to not get caught up in her life and i'm wondering if that is the kindest thing i can do because her need is for someone to get in there.
Reminds me of this stupid wave of harassing men about sexual harassment. Cold logical folk like me would say it makes no sense but many women would simply scream back. it's not about sense it's a feeling thing. it makes no sense to punish person C for the crimes of persons D, E, F, G, H - right? that's not how our laws are set up. it also makes no sense to burn down the house to kill a mouse or cut of your finger to show you're sad. but stop thinking about sense, then the woman thing will make sense. And they do of course have a message in there somewhere, i think the message is oppression, they're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore (1), and (2) now is the time to make sure that future women and females don't need to see/know/experience the same prejudices and so on.
I don't like women very much.

We were talking about Scorpios. My mum's a Scorpio, dad's a Taurus. I am so sorry even just writing that. I'm the oldest, Taurus. Then sister Scorpio, then two more sisters Scorpio, then a brother who should have been Taurus but wanted to be unique so Gemini.
Brother has a lot of earth going on (Moon in Capricorn, Taurus ascendant, Mars in Taurus, and Uranus-Neptune conjunct in Capricorn) so yeah I think with this knowledge I can approach a little more closely, maybe, whatever. He's fun Gemini with the twins, he's illogical love to my mother - thank God she has him, she needs love, she needs an irrational wild angelina jolie destructive passionate love, he's Puck to me lol a bit of competitiveness which is cute.
The twins as you know have four-stelliums in scorpio and PISCES MOONS. They're very bleeping scorpio but a Pisces moon can be a softener - it's all relative as their mother has a different four-stellium in scorpio but a Cancer moon and Mars in Leo ... same theme but less absorption of the passionate edge.
My father I was considering the other day has a Uranus-Jupiter conjunction (summer of '55) and I didn't think this about him really but an elderly person described him as 'esoteric' just days after i learned about this conjunction. And I have a different young Taurus friend married to a mid-November-Scorpio (same pattern as my parents) and so I'll have to say hmmm 'esoteric' too - he's very interesting but his wife and marriage pushes him to do real-life things, structure his creativity to build money and power a little bit.
Jesus had a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. A seed of an idea that is abstract and ahead of its time and became more and more and became a whole new massive giant thing when others had developed it. And I read about in the USA, the 1955-born visionaries of the computer industry ... Jupiter-Uranus. My dad was born in Ekiti, to a farmer and a trader, so his Jupiter-Uranus did not take him in the path of creating a computer-age, but he's still abstract, he chooses to read, to analyze things, to be offbeat somehow. Very stubborn Taurus man lol. I think the parents are in love or whatever, but I think it's terrible how different they are and how unable to softly love each other. They co-create and for the rest, they cope, and as they're older and wiser their coping strategies have gotten better.

t said...

And I promised to talk about my sister, the second child. She's not the oldest, not a twin (twins are very special in my Yoruba culture), she's not the youngest or the only boy. She's not a scorpio stellium, oh wait I just checked, she sort of is - she squeezed four planets into her Scorpio but they're not bunched together, they span the whole 30 degrees of scorpio, more-or-less, so she IS keeping up with the crazy scorpio family trait. Another big gift in her chart is Venus-Mars sortof conjunct in the first house. She's always been an artist and I'm excited because for the past ten years or so she's found her work-life as a designer, has her own company etc. She's the dimpled one and at first you say she's the beautiful (and I was not but I've always felt untouchably beautiful in part because I love my father so much and I'm proud to look like him be from where he's from act like him and so on. and now i find that even my face which i never look at is bang-bang super-amazing. I am a man so I don't want to look like the average, a model, a pretty; and I am a thinker so my eyes are usually looking in not looking to the audience...if I ever wanted to look beautiful like a celebrity or whatever I'd just have to act it by looking at the world and not looking in my brain and that small shift shows. Notes for acting lol. When I used to act, that was the one thing I didn't know how to act at all - to be sort of a romantic-comedy standard girl. But I got cast in one so they must have seen something. But I felt I was too think-y to be a real girl. But now I guess 1. some real girls are think-y, so it's fine, and 2. if I ever wanted to look more social, the thing with the eyes.
Back to my sister. Scorpio. Venus-Mars in Libra-Virgo first house, so she's an artist, aesthete, sculptor, designer. And beautiful. With dimples. But she doesn't like her this, her that because that's what girls do. Other major thing is - poor girl, poor us - Sun square moon, Scorpio sun and Aquarius moon. What would you want an aquarius moon for, chile? Oh well. She has Jupiter somewhere between Uranus and Neptune, all in Sagittarius. so tail-end virgo, start of libra, a loose bunch in scorpio and loose bunch in sag, then nothing in Capricorn and moon in aquarius. A compact chart, very Scorpio and quite a bit Sag. Moon in 5th house must mean something warm in the context of friendships and hang-outiness, and Neptune in 4th house she loves home-and-heart in this dream-love-idealizing way. Her life's not super-easy, and she doesn't perceive it as super-easy, and she's a bit more normal than the people in her family with these bunched-up scorpio stelliums for instance. She's more a normal person with normal person's instincts for fighting, self-preservation-first, interacting truly with crowds and people, not so witchy and self-contained as some people in the family. sometimes that makes a person more successful but you best respect that they've been through a tough path to get there, a real-life path, not even a spiritual path. If that makes sense. Improvising, grit, and hustle, a bit more, relative to many members of her family.

t said...

The dentist, I;m checking again and I think it wasn't just Mars in Aries very very likely, but also Moon in Scorpio or Aries for the most likely years in which she was born.
Plus the Pluto in Scorpio (major, since Scorpio and Pluto are like the same thing) with Capricorn bunch (Uranus, Neptune, certainly and Saturn likely)

t said...

Brother's earth also includes Jupiter in Virgo. His dominant planets would definitely include Capricorn and Taurus, while his dominant element will likely be earth even though he's a sun-sign Gemini (Air sign)

He has the four outermost planets in retrograde and that goes with being a deep thinker, again less of a talker than most Gemini (heavy Capricorn would also imply this, maybe).
Sun conjunct Venus so beauty is a big deal to him, I'd say beautiful women are his type lol. The man's chart is easy :) and I wish him continued luck.

t said...

To whoever reads this, I really want to be careful to stress that I'm not looking for anybody to interpret this as xyz person is bad or mean or whatever. Please do understand that I'm only describing facets of people and from my own very imperfect point of view etc. I don't want to delete this page, and I also don't want to self-censor beyond the point where honesty can help me make sense of the data I have...
Like I said I find this whole enterprise useful. I even think it's bigger than just useful, that it's a whole new enlightenment and that many of the tools of the just-past whole-new-enlightenments can be applied to this to -- to what? to make us more enlightened I suppose. To lead us into levita-levita-levitation. Stuff like that.

t said...

Meanwhile Jupiter is so very important. Not just as 'luck' but as the amplifier element, it blows up neighbouring elements bigger I guess.
Chinese astrology, the 12 animals system, is actually loosely based on the Jupiter signs, since this is the planet that does ~ 1 year in each of the twelve signs. Anyway.

t said...

Been learning a lot from Jewel's astrology videos - Truth In Aspect Astrology. She is Fantastic. She knows this stuff.
Also there's a site called "The Astrology Place" with fantastic and poetic essays on various astro themes. Some of it is membership-only, but there's a lot outside that too.

t said...

so far, I've come up with (or remembered, or invented) a few past lives.
One in which I was a 'maiden' and ran off to the sanctuary of this rugged freedom-fighter noble (male, as you'd expect).
One in which I was a horse and spent time as friends, lovers, definitely fucking, and definitely going off on long walks alone, with this other nearly-identical horse character, but i was female and he was male. (At another time this best-friend person - horse - was a king, but a minor king. At another time he was a soldier. titan. saturn. he recognized me as 'milady' or such. )
And possibly in the same horse lifetime but possibly not we both knew this white horse character at least in passing, and both white horse and castrated, executed knight/noble map to the same person i met recently. that same person had the count costume with the dark cape and would become bird/bat and into the sky, possibly in the same lifetime as the noble-knight but likely not.
One of my lives I was a regular person or animal at first, but blew up into this war animal one day because there was a massive battle to be fought, and up front was me and my friend (maps to the same knight/noble person but who knows if it was the same life. and if he had a horse his horse was familiar or his horse was same spirit, and the white horse that was same spirit was nearby too) - my friend did not blow up into a monster, my friend was male and fought as self but i had this awkward and great size and never really fought on equal footing with anyone, just obliterated, destroyed, won.

t said...

I decided to remember more, and to not limit myself to female expressions, because I don't think I have been mostly female. It didn't take long - I was handwashing my very boring and boringly-shaped white underwear (boyshorts, i think they call them, good for hiding panty-lines, and this one is in a comfy stretch fabric) in a bowl this morning and i knew i'd been a poor man on the bank of the Ganges, river, washing my white-ish clothing. I was male, I had thin limbs not all these fat thighs, I was a yummy dark-chocolate colour - darker than my skin today but probably the same colour that I could be if I wasn't always hidden indoors, I was tall, not short, not a giant but tall, not very talkative, quite restful, I was neither good nor bad, I was not a great philosopher nor a renowned merchant. I didn't die young but I didn't have a family, like, wife or children. I was just ok, there was nothing tragic about being poor. It was not an overcrowded place and I don't remember a lot of struggle. I had some problems with myself that I thought about a bit and that made me leave/avoid excessively close associations with people - family and best friends and so on. I would have liked to be an achiever. I definitely used my schlong, my restful penis on occasion, and maybe had different friends and genders for that, when it occured. And looks-wise, I basically was the person of my current-lifetime father, like when he was young and skinny; i had the shape of fingernails he has, and i don't think the head/face were the same, but the rest of the sculpture, the body, would have been the same as that boy, but even when i was a man the body was the same as the boy. And in current lifetime I don't look at my face very much and am not very committed to being or acting female (it is in fact a liability to be female - or not?) but i am committed to occasionally tagging along with a man whose person pleases me , just like i was back in India or wherever I was on the riverbank. Following women was of course ok too. There is some woman in most men, and I would say my flavour in men is (used to be) metrosexual, like, I think I have gaydar and used it to select men for myself, and it's maybe still true.

Yeah this is rubbish.
Very useful rubbish.
I can not imagine that for psychotherapy, astrology isn't superior to psych? So much of 'advice' is wrong because it's not sufficiently customized. A return to astrology changes that. Should you work hard? Follow your dreams? Focus? Balance? Watch your health? The answers are not the same for everybody...what's your profile?

t said...

A little surprised to be in a new year, 2018, but I just noticed something soothing - we have a grand trine in water, right now and +/ - maybe 20 hours, so most of 1/1/2018 and the next day (today) worldwide. Very compact astrology with moon in cancer (now around 16 degrees), mars-Jupiter in 15 and 17 degrees of scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces like 11degrees. There's a stellium in Capricorn so i had not really expected sweetness but a water grand tribe is sweet and sexy balanced safely on a cappie four-stellium - all this such that the only things left outside this compact configuration are I think uranus in Aries and mercury in Sagittarius and that's all. Sweet 2018. I'll have to wake up to the idea that it's a new year.

Re: Oct 07 Sinatra post above - James Blake is a Pisces moon too. I didn't think that. I had tried to guess his sun sign and saw chunks of pieces, Aries (he looks typical for his culture, somewhat uncomplex and intentional, it was in his face and haircut and not at all expected for a producer of such sensitive piscean whispers), Taurus (the way he was seated in the stool like a lazy bull, not going to move, just fat-assed and okay with life), and Aquarius (as an alternative to pieces because he was seeming too complicated - same idea i had had in guessing for Frank Ocean.) So it was a guess of aqua to Taurus, all four elements fire, water etc and I said or maybe he's on the opposite side of the year at Libra Scorpio sth like that. Pisces moon I found, Sun in Libra.

t said...

Correction - "if you want to be born" in "She set things up for me to meet the Kanye's dad because I'm too weak to set things up myself and I asked, I said, hey if you want me to be born, you've got to find a dad and a this and a that to make things go easily for me, and she did and so brilliantly. "

t said...

Michael Buble, I'm guessing Libra. Been listening to some of his recordings, and they're just so...ambient - very very good, excellent even but ... yeah the word is ambient, balanced, never too this nor too that.
I'm ready to be wrong, ok?
Nope, Virgo.

t said...

a new memory of the one we've called noble even if best-friend person is noble too :
very old person, leathered palm, dark, red-brown palm. i was a youth or child and this hand tenderly came to my face. was i a neighbour or relation of this old person? i don't know.

t said...

yesterday and today - sun, venus, pluto all in an exact conjunction around 19deg Capricorn.
i'm used to venus-pluto of libra or maybe of scorpio. curious to see the cappie version - it's almost contradictory, innit?

you know how i'm supposedly 'great with 20 year olds'? maybe that's not an eternal thing, maybe it's specific to what 90s kids have in their astrology - Uranus-Neptune conjunctions.
1988 opens with Uran in 28 deg Sagittarius and Nept in 08 deg Capricorn.
1992 opens around Uran around 13 deg Capricorn and Nept around 16 deg Capricorn
exact conjunction in 1993 (around Feb 02, around 19 1/2 deg Capricorn)
1997 opens around Uran in 03 Aquarius and Nept in 27 Capricorn
2000 opens around Uranus in 15 deg Aquarius and Nept in 03 deg Aquarius.

most of my students over the years were born in this period actually, but now I don't really want to teach anymore. I feel like taking decades off; feel pretty sure I'll come back to it later. I don't think it's because I can't hang out with Uranus-Neptune kids at school anymore, but it's a good hypothesis.

t said...

Mars-Jupiter at 19deg50' and 18deg24' of Scorpio are almost exactly sextile to the Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction 19deg47' - 19deg58' - 19deg05' of Capricorn.
Extra. I like it. I like a li'l pasion (some water, scorpio water-fire great too) with my Cappie-heaviness (also Saturn in Capricorn, remember, right now around 2deg27' of Cap). It's a nice aroma.

t said...

Listening to a 2011 Larry Page talk (zeitgeist) in which he says again some bits about Nikola Tesla (inventor, mentions lightning, electricity, a profusion of tinkering and inventions, and great poverty till he died.) I decided to look into Tesla's astrology. I didn't try to guess his sign, but i guessed the influences that might be important in his life: "uranus and saturn in nikola tesla's life, also maybe taurus, aries" - so now let me check.
Well, not really. His dominant signs seem to be Cancer and Libra, but supporting my guesses: Capricorn midheaven and a near-grand cross in cardinal signs, with saturn in a loose-stellium, are three saturn-like influences. Ascendant, Uranus and Pluto in first-house Taurus support the Uranus and taurus guesses. The closest things to Aries, well, Jupiter in Aries, and there's a moon-mars conjunction that show that his 'failures' must have really hurt in the sense of making him really want to cry.
I expected to be more correct :)