Sunday, July 31, 2005

Para usted


I made some guacamole tonight.
I got the recipe in mid May from a fellow grocery shopper at Ralphs, she said she wasn't a pro, she likes to add onions and tomatoes and the like to the finely chopped avocado, and oh, she said, it's very important to add lime, which prevents browning.
I make the limiest guacamole around. Fantastic avocadoes, slice very thinly and chop a bit, add a tomato (without the juice, mostly flesh) and squeeze in about half a lime per avocado.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The California Institute of Science


I am despondent.
In the past years, I have observed - science, research, and the labours thereof. I have discovered no new science. I have built no new machine. I'm more than two-thirds of the way to my PhD.
However, I can now give an expert report on how scientists do what they do.
One difference between Caltech and that other institute of technology: MIT has OpenCourseWare, Caltech does not. Still, I believe that there's only one.caltech more than I believe in God.
I started re-reading Feynman's "The Meaning of it all" yesterday. A central theme of the little book is uncertainty, a core value in science. Science, then, precludes fundamentalism. (Science fundamentalists, for instance, should check their science.)
Some damaged people bombed London today. Their belief matters that much to them.