Friday, October 10, 2008

Greed is good


We of America believe that "greed is good."
I wonder what else is good now that wasn't good when I was a kid in Lagos 20 years ago, watching Tales by Moonlight on TV and learning "the moral of this story: this story teaches us not to be greedy (or proud, or jealous/envious, etc)." You know, the lessons have changed. No wonder there are things called generational gaps. And culture shock.

Sloth is good? I can beelee that!

The seven deadly sins are LUST (good), GLUTTONY (Oprah says not-so-good) , GREED (your civic duty, very good) , SLOTH (good in small doses, buy antidepressants if in excess) , WRATH (good in small doses, take lessons if too much) , ENVY (drives greed, which is good) , PRIDE (do you like Donald Trump?)


They're not deadly at all, but good for you.

Consider Pynchon's essay on Sloth, and tell me: is a thesis statement good - we were taught this in Freshman English - or is it for losers?

The novel - Haven't been writing, moving and all that, but will get back to it soon. Forget the October deadline.