Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Quick Review


If folks had CPUs between their ears
and not some fiber-optic pipes,
they would have all Jah consciousness
since the first Redemption Song.

But as it stands, Robert Marley
had scarce choice but to send
his sage, romantic, Naija son
to message the true word:

Alas, our blessings stand behind doors we refuse to open.
When asked how we're doing, we take a sip and say, "we are coping!"

That's how the man flows. Rhyme is how Akaahs rolls.
No surprise The Lyricist has a way with words.

Book title:
A-Way With Words, by Alexander Akaahs
The quote (Alas...we're coping) is from his poem Refusing Salvation. The remaining lines are mine.