Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's very natural to be creative and innovative

I spent several hours on Saturday in a room with Demas Nwoko.
Architect Demas Nwoko signs a copy of "The Architecture of Demas Nwoko" for a pretty Nigerian architect
 Building on a family heritage as a (home-)builder, training in colonial Nigeria as an architect, formal training as a stage (theater) builder abroad, and also the vibrant post-Independence atmosphere in Nigeria up to FESTAC-77, he did what seemed natural and commonsense to him often.
Following these simple rules, he has become known worldwide as THE innovative architect from Nigeria.
His life makes a lot of sense to me.

The next day, I watched Death and The King's Horseman.
PAWS (Performing Arts Workshop Studios) has matured in such a short time to stage such a breath-taking performance.
They really should extend the show, but it seems they can't and the last two performances will be Sunday July 29 at 3pm and at 6pm at Terrakulture in Victoria Island, Lagos.  I look forward to watching the show again on Sunday and to eating a giant grilled fish on Bar Beach.
PAWS has gained so much esteem in my eyes, I will catch their every show from now on.
The director is an enthralling actor named Kenneth Uphopho who used to perform with Renegade Theater at the same location, but directed by Wole Oguntokun aka @laspapi,
Kenneth's wife is the PAWS manager, it appears.  Smart gal.
And Renegade theater now shows at the MUSON center...good to know.

I just read a notice for this creative workshop, taking place on the campus of University of Lagos.
It is special to have such informal learning housed in a Nigerian university on a regular basis.
This is exactly the kind of development that Nigerian education needs, and that my friend Ferdinand Adimefe (curator of The Interface Foundation and Conversations) did quite a bit to advance.
I hope such meetings spread. 

I am offering a single scholarship to attend the Harmattan Workshop with renowned Nigerian artist Bruce Onobrakpeya.  Email me as applications close on Sunday July 29.
If no takers, maybe I'll attend instead?  Work on my book covers? 
Here is the announcement: 
If you want to attend the Harmattan Workshop led by Bruce Onobrakpeya, and you are age 25 or younger and unable to afford the full cost of attending the workshop, kindly send me a message at
Include in the message:
1. I am not over 25 years old.
2. I am currently not able to afford the full cost of attending the Harmattan workshop.
3. Attach a photograph of one of the best artworks or art-related works you have ever done. 
4. Two things I will gain from the Harmattan workshop are: __ and __
5. Name, Address, Phone number, and email. 
I will select one applicant for whom I will pay the workshop fees only.  Besides this payment, I do NOT assume or imply further responsibility for the winner.  I will email to notify the winner by Tuesday July 31st. 
Please only apply if truly eager, willing, and able to study art at the studio of one of the finest talents.