Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free speech

An email forward from a friend: a secular Arab speaks on Al-Jazeera.

Monday, March 20, 2006

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This post exists so I can keep my main blogroll very short, while keeping track of places I like to visit on the web.
All the blogs that have been on my main blogroll, past or current, are listed...and a few secret pleasures.
Some of the first blogs I ever read - parentheses was perhaps the first - and a few that I just noticed, are here.
Some are no longer being updated...some have been newly revived.
I like most of them very much.

January 27,2007 update: list now in rough categories, but still expect to be surprised.
February 28, 2007 update: adding directories, such as findnigeria.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Big screen, little screen


Hiam Abbass stars in Satin Rouge, a movie by Raja Amari that I've wanted for years and just ordered recently.
Coincidentally, I started watching the movie on Tuesday just after I'd seen Munich, in which she also appears. She's also in Paradise Now, which I haven't seen yet, but will like to watch soon.

In the past week, I also saw
Mrs. Brown, with Judi Dench playing Queen Victoria,
Madame Sata, a story about a Brazlian rebel,
Sexual Life, an American ensemble piece in the tradition of Things you can tell Just by looking at her;
In Good Company, a nice drama/comedy about love and work, it's realistic, touching, and higly recommended,
Private Benjamin, a sweet, sweet movie, which is now one of my very favorite,
Strictly Ballroom, directed by Baz Luhrman; when you're a ballroom dance fan, you gather with friends to watch this classic, the dancing is by no means fantastic.

I would note how expertly Munich is done - cast, located, shot, directed - it is a movie-making Master Class, but perhaps taken for granted because it's done by a master and holds no surprises. I saw it twice, so far. It has a few words in Arabic, which I try to pick out. Syriana had conversations in Arabic as well. Yay! for Arabic in the movies.

Satin Rouge is said to be in Arabic, but apparently Tunisian Arabic is peppered with French.

In the three-and-a-half weeks before the last, I saw only a few movies. (By now, this gross deficiency has been repaired. )
Walk The Line, the only movie on my Paris-Los Angeles half-day flight worth watching,
Ladies in Lavender, a very slow-paced, pretty movie and more Judi Dench goodness,
Brokeback Mountain, which is not about elderly British ladies,
Head in the Clouds, in which Charlize Theron does high glamour,
Festen (English title: The Celebration).

I'd wanted to see Festen for months because I liked Arven/The Inheritance, another Danish movie with Ulrich Thomsen, so much, but I found it sad and dark without good excuse.