Saturday, January 20, 2007



My new favorite TV channel is CNBC World, carrying quality near-global financial and business programmes.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

How I know that I'm evil


Because I allowed people to create a violent war in Iraq. I murmured a bit, and then moved on with life and quotidian concerns.

If it's "not my job" to do something, and not your job, and not her job, and not his job, then who will do something? And who will do something when I am (or you are) the victim?

Better Half


Best Couple Award

Eleven years and one month ago, I fell giddily in love with a boy. My hormones had played similar tricks on me before, but unlike all my prior loves, he was actually in my age group and I actually knew him in real life. I felt very certain that I was his girl for ever. Although he is a most delightful friend, I guess I can be grateful now that my willpower wasn't enough to make us marry.

I remember the week we fell in love. I remember too how Saamu (camp clown) organised an impromptu award contest on the bus back home. There were categories, nominations, votes, most of which I was oblivious to, being engrossed in my Beloved's speech as I was. I was embarassed - blushing red despite my dark brown skin, I was told - to find that we were Best Couple.

I was also secretly pleased to have won a cool award. It was nice to get attention for something not serious or schoolish, but Away-an: foreign, Western,

Some things haven't changed much. I'm still waaay more geeky-cerebral than cool (although at Caltech, I was considered radically cool, which just shows that "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is the King.")

Nigerian Blog Awards

I nominated myself for a bunch of Bloggies this year. You should nominate your blog(s) too. Or other deserving blogs, if you're so inclined :)

According to TaureanMinx, another blog award organiser, a few people are now authorized to wear this badge of honour on their blogs:

These are only some of a multitude of fabulous Naija blogs out there. Next year, the awards will be even more awesome, because more people will vote, for more diverse blogs.

See all the 2006 Naijablogger winners!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Do Believe The Hype


Watching Dreamgirls was a sumptous experience.

When I was about seven, my family got a videotape with footage of Jennifer Holliday, spotlit on a dark stage, in glittery dark clothes, microphone in hand, performing the You're Gonna Love Me solo. I could never forget that performance - the sweat, the depth, the passion.
Fast forward many years, and everybody's talking about the same song.
Thank you, Miss Jennifer Hudson, for giving a musical film performance that will be remembered for generations.