Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lyrics: The Case, by Jesse Jagz featuring Show Dem Camp

One of the best rap songs ever, lyrically.
But can't find the lyrics online months after the release.

Your assignment: Dump the full lyrics in the comments section, or just transcribe short sections and I'll assemble them.  Thank you.  Bless you.  Don't make me have to do it all myself ;)

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Six months later...the lyrics are here!



Sent me pretty flowers in April,
came on the wings of the angel (Gabriel)
The hand that rocked my cradle, he prepared the table,
something I could relate to even though I had no cable.
When I am unable, power's been disabled,
can't communicate to my own Tower of Babel,
Gabriel the angel came to my stable,
said chosen of the gods, hail able, we praise you.
See I speak the truth, you might choose to believe in fables.
Do you believe in angels or fake names and labels?
Stay true. Know the path I walk is gonna be painful.
Bring to the navel(?j1) like I'm going through labour.
Many men hate you, many more underrate you.
Get ready for betrayal, unfaithful niggers lay low.
Uh, you know the Universe only rewards the faithful.
Father forgive them they 'on't know what they do. Uh,
now check it:

uh, now look what loving made you do
uhh, you're running when no one's chasing you
ah, I don't care if they love me (fuck it!)
above me only God can judge me.

uh, now look what loving made you do
uhh, you're running but no one's chasing you
ah, I don't care if they love me (fuck it!)
above me only God can judge me.


Late in December, I received a letter.
No signature or sender. I had the shit rendered,
turned out it was never no previous offender.
Marked up my calendar. Enter: forever.
We enter, time turns Spring into Winter.
It follows the Summer will Fall in the center.
Words from the letter, written to remember.
I'm a fucking avenger. The pen is my temper.
I'll send you a helper, my flow healed a leper,
MCs will remember me as the Elder
Idris Elba, Real Professor Peller
I don't need no umbrella I'm fly with my propellers.
When fear enter, the verbal airbender
break your agenda take no surrender,
you're getting dismembered, blended, get-
-ting reassembled, yes, with the emblem on the single.
The flow was peddled like gold medals
on all levels, same goes for all devils.
Soul rebels, when I flow the soul trembles.
Angels on chariots riding on gold pedals.

+ Above me only God can judge me.

Ghost (SDC):


I'm not looking for acknowledgements, just give me knowledge trick,
see I got knowledge to self, so I know I'm the shit.
Room's full of smoke cos a product of my environment.
Now I'm feeling like Superman up in this Metropolis.
Making you Lex Luthor... my solar opposite.
Fuck, boys, you didn't know that there's no stopping this.

It's in God's hands so can't be deterred,
these words are Spurs and I'm Greg Popovich.
Truth, Nigger! Swallow it. This here is knocking, menn, what a dope beat
to put me in the zone, I got too much heat to get cold feet.
Too much heart to bypass, not enough time to waste,
so I'm here paying my dues cos it costs a lot to be great.
If you're still sleeping on us then you're two thousand and late,
for those who've been awake, welcome back to the future.

You couldn't stop my rise if you had the eyes of Medusa.
No statute of limitation can stop us from going nuclear.
Caught wind of the rumours - they're saying we must have fell off,
or went the pop route, financially we're not well-off.

I started doing this cos I thought we were being rep'd wrong.
Gandhi said be the change you desire if you expect more.
So I got to stepping, bench-pressing these bars.
You see the muscle I'm flexing? Got too much hustle to sell 'em.
uh, SDC - Jag Nation, Man, what a pairing!
Just like parents we're son-ning these niggers!
See, I'm made in the image of God so, with disrespectful intent,
fuck you, when you think you can judge me nigga.


Tec (SDC):


Kneel to no man cos only heaven's above me,
Call us Rap Messiah so I wonder where the love be
And if they will remain if the shit starts getting ugly.
Will Babylon corrupt me? Guy trust me, they're trying.
All the fake smiles, the schemes, the lying.
The ways of the sheep can never make sense to the lion
so there's no point in replying. I'm just killing them with silence.
Uh, the revolution has begun.
I'm feeling like the chosen thinking maybe I'm The One.
I'm feeling like Gowon the second that he picked that gun.
Guy, there's power in my hands I wonder what I will become.
Huh, when there's no place to run.
I'm bound to feel the heat I'm flying closer to the sun.
Will I hold on to power or, maybe I will run, or
shey I'll plant the seeds for the future ones to come.
This dictator rap guy, ki lo de t'en rap bayi?
My penmanship is supreme it shall never capsize.
Yeah. It shall never capsize.
I don't spit on the mic, my guy, I baptize. And that's life.


Monday, September 22, 2014

On beauty as required, or desired, of the female

Last week I was explaining about my hair, and ended up with
"my idea of beauty is this natural thing" and
"I am hot" and
"I want to be healthy [and strong] more than I want to be pretty" and
"I'm also lazy" because he'd asked if it was just laziness.  Well yeah, who wants to spend any time or energy on hair?  Do you? and
"I've always hated the whole salon thing, the process, AND [especially] the results..."

It still surprises me that the hair question is a question.  I think, of all the important things in the world, how are we talking about hair?
This is me with A LOT of make-up ;)
Red Is Irresistible, but it's just colour, guys :)
Almost forgot, I also said to my friend/interviewer:
"I still get laid.So, hey, I mean, if that's the whole point... 

Musical interlude: Halleluyah by Loose Kaynon, with fine girls in the video of course.

Anyway, listen to old-enough-to-be-your-grandma Bisset.  She knows how to be a bombshell, but learned that being more low-key led to better relationships.
Jacqueline Bisset was once proclaimed the most beautiful film actress of all time.
Actor Jacqueline Bisset has claimed that young women today are obsessed with being “hot”, rather than “charming”, “romantic” or “beautiful” by Ian Johnston for The Independent (UK), Monday 22nd September 2014
 Bisset, 70, who appears in the film Welcome to New York, said that she had once been like that herself but had found that being more “low key” led to more fulfilling relationships.

The English actor, who appeared in films such as 1968’s Bullitt with Steve McQueen and Francois Truffaut’s 1973 film Day for Night, was once proclaimed “the most beautiful film actress of all time” by Newsweek magazine.

“It’s brutal out there now,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “Girls today are so attractive and sexy, and they show themselves off in such an obvious way, so men feel that they are in a sweet shop.
“The flip side is that women see themselves as interchangeable. I feel that this obsession to be ‘hot’ is more prevalent than ever it was in my youth.
“It’s not, ‘I want to be charming and magical and romantic and beautiful’. It’s ‘I want to be hot’. In other words, ‘I want men to want to screw me.’”

Bisset said some women were like this partly because of a sense of “desperation” and “often end up feeling used”.
“I went through a period like that, when I dressed and behaved in a certain way,” she added. “I couldn’t handle the results: it didn’t get me where I wanted to be. So I started to be more low key and I got better relationships as a consequence.”
Bisset said she had “never fully embraced feminism”.  “I certainly thought it had some good points but … women are becoming so tough,” she said.

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Thursday, September 04, 2014


Seyi Shay - Murda:
Would call this a summer jam but it's always sexy summer in Nigeria.

Eva - Lights Out:
Girl be speaking up for us.

Victoria Kimani - Prokoto:
Oh Queen Victoria, who cares if that's Zulu, Yoruba, or freakin' Xhosa...
It's Swahili :) 

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