Monday, November 22, 2021

The thing is I am afraid of innovation but when you put it that way...

I mean, the idea that you can innovate, and thereby have a lot a lot a lot of "things" available, and in the case of organs for transplantation, just really changes the markets for the better.  
It's ok to innovate 'unnecessarily' I guess? 

Personal story: My grandfather who died in his sixties back in 1988 of jazz (juju, supernatural forces, jealous rivals and all of that), these days I think about it, and it may have been kidney failure as they said a lot about his legs swelling just before he died.  Then his son, my uncle, just the other day developed same and - we don't want to think and know science or history to be honest - we just want him to be well and live well, and ...I don't I taking care of my kidneys, who knows, maybe something is wrong? 

I have a lot more that I should say, and sometimes I say things, when I find my voice.  You may say that the throat chakra is one of many parts of me that I'm used to keeping still and quiet - call it etiquette, call it repression, something in between... 

Anyway, keeping quiet is not the worst way to be; it works out fine for me because the unsaid things then fold and curl onto themselves to make, well, maybe poetry, or maybe determination, resolve.  Or maybe maths, finally, an alternative outlet, to say what you have to say.  Think of how un-had sex can become soulful, wavy, sexytime, for example - that old-school groove that the kids would not understand hehehe.  Is that how you see it?  Similarly, silence/repression/politeness, if you're positive, will turn out delightfully positive.  What you lose in frequency or volume, you make up for in form or style or depth or, meaning.   But it could be negative or horrible too, to let words congeal into a bomb or into ignorance or into the wilderness.  

It's funny because these days the word 'creative' or 'creativity' means definitely using, some would say it's overusing, colours and motion and humour and effort.  A long time ago, like when I was young, I think we might have assumed that creativity was related to being artistic which was rather related to being mute.  Like, a solitary person drawing or a person who was addicted to drawing, and that was associated with being withdrawn, personality-wise, enough to develop one's own output at least, and one's own way that was not the popular way.  Nowadays, creative people make dance videos that go viral is one stereotype.    

There are pictures, and again maths, that I could draw to model what it's like to do things differently, or to overdo innovation, or to be afraid of innovation, to examine what it's like to excessively involve reality, ...and why is it that on the opposite end of the 'true' embrace of reality/realism is yet another tribe that claims to embrace reality as it truly is?  

Eh.  I'll be back.  
I'm writing this on the 21st of October to be published on the 22nd of November because I'm going away from good internet for a while.  I'll be back.  

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