Thursday, July 22, 2021


( Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba // Master KG's Jerusalema )
Y3, etc.

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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Where do people find the time?

This week has been delightful, and as if it heard me it responded with a quick waft of delicious breeze just now.  
I feel it went by so fast.  In fact, between reading The Guardian and watching Youtube (mostly music and comedy) it felt like I had (not 24 hour days but) 24 hours in five days.  

Is there a trick that I'm missing?  
It is true that I also wrote things in that time, but it seems that some people read and write more things somehow.  Anyway...I am reminded that vlogging is a full-time job, even a burn-out job, a multi-employee job, so I guess blogging is very non-trivial work activity too.  Who is going to pay me o?  

I just mentioned to someone that I might go and meet up with them today at a music event but now I'm thinking cost-benefit* analysis it would be far easier if the event would come to me...which I suppose is what wasting spending time online effects - the show comes to you on a screen.  *Cost here being that I could rest and recharge instead of taking the risks of going out: traffic mostly - I could be there in minutes or it could be crazy, it could be flooded out there since it has been raining, then also I could get cold if there's air conditioning.   

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Saturday, July 03, 2021

Action flicks and Good times

There's nothing like just watching good, gripping entertainment.  Two yesterday: Extraction and The Old Guard, and Hors de prix (English:Priceless) the day before.  

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