Friday, October 09, 2015

Nigeria time (GMT +1)

Finally changed the time zones for publishing my blogs :) Three of five used to be stamped with Pacific/California time, one with local Lagos time, while this blog used to publish from Cairo.  Took me how many years to switch?

You should check them all out:  NewsBuka for Nigeria community and governance news and commentary.  UpNaira for business and financial, money and development.  REALbubbler for entertainment, arts, culture, and lifestyle.  XBubbler for mathematics, analysis, and education.  And this (LifeLib) for whatever I want, since 2004.
  • You should check them all out now and return regularly.  
  • I'm speeding up the metabolism on NewsBuka, trying to make it a debate-friendly space, that is, to build a community of hangers-out not just passers-through.  
  • Something's wrong with the format on UpNaira, the links are coloured too light and I can't find the right balance - to bold or not to bold, to contrast with the black font or contrast with the white background, to increase font size by how much - for readability.  
  • REALbubbler is as cheesy as you like, design-wise, but at least it's very bold and unique.  In my view, it's not just a lazy entertainment feed, it actually trains you to be creative.  Here's a guarantee - if you gorge on REALbubbler even half as much as I do for a few months, you will become a more competent creative mo-fo, or your no-money back.  
  • I'm addicted to REALbubbler: I smoke my own dope.  In fact, I assembled it for myself first.  2011.  Broke at work, had to do something before I killed someone.  It was an inspiring job, a great time all around.  That's how one of the key stories of my novel started too - I was angry and wrote a tale of a love triangle in which the annoying person was spurned for their 'subordinate',  with me of course cast as The Center Of The Universe - Zuzu the nurse
  • I nearly ruined XBubbler because I made a klutzy address change six months ago that cost about 90% of traffic.  If somebody else had done that to my darling math blog - fire.  If the world really needs my math blog, the visitors will come back. 
  • You know, sometimes I read business/productivity articles about the need to delegate and um, guess that's not what I've been doing.  I have instead a need to automate, to delegate to inanimate objects.  Thank you, engineering school.  Thank you, blessed congenital laziness.  As for delegating to humans, well, I do have a need to inspire, motivate, and go home happy knowing that all these other people would do the right thing.  
That's me
making the internet a better place. 
You're welcome.  
My fridge smells.  There's an unopened pack of 'frozen' cauliflower in the freezer but who knows why there hasn't been electricity for the fridge for a day or longer.  None of my business anyway, it'll come back.  The inverter is doing its merry thing so I can still play music and live normal and there's water.  Some people say when they hear of my beautiful life: it's like you don't live in Nigeria.  Nna, no be me, na God. 

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