Wednesday, June 18, 2014

There is a song called Dorobucci, by the Mavin crew of Nigeria. It is lousy.

I have become obsessed with this song because it is quite possibly the worst recording of any type that I have ever heard. It was allowed out of its birthplace because the producers, promoters/radiopeople, and likely the general public (including my sister who played the song over and over for an hour last weekend, which is how I heard the afflicted song in the first place) are deaf.

Compared to this mess, Kwality (My Lion King) has a charming quality to it. The off-keyedness in Lion King may be the future of music, and at least in the meantime it made us laugh. My Lion King My Lion Queen roooaarrrrh.

I remember that dorobucci too had a few redeeming qualities – its name was not one of them as I was never going to listen to a song titled hashtag + dorobucci by some Nigerian buffoons. There was a good drum thingie in the beginning, which I understand comes from the fact that Don Jazzy knows drums and beats or at least experiments a lot, after which Don Jazzy started to sing and boldly record off-key – off with his head, if only I was a North Korean dictator!, and there were multiple singers, at least one male voice that was good that I recall, and there was a female, indisputably Miss Tiwa who started sweetly though on another song or another key like she didn’t care, then she reached doro gonna do whatever he gonna do so now it was now nice like an Itsekiri tune or something – a new kind of sweet, but then someone pissed her off so it was doro squeaaal, doro nyaaah, doro it was horrendous.

My big lesson from this song is that the Mavins can really f-up music. Sometimes they’re ok, like their album made in one day full of ok very just ok, cringe, but ok, bow-and-go music; but when they want to be mean they really serve up the crap. It’s like they’re trying to insult us with the rubbish they make.

Sorry if this comment was long, the music was aggravatingly bad.  

(Note, this was intended as a blog comment on a popular entertainment site, but some of the best sites don't like negative comments - but they welcome praise)