Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dance Party - the Arab Megahits edition

Amr Diab's Habibi ya Nour El Ain

Nancy Ajram's Ah W Noss

Have there been any dance-y songs bigger?

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Understanding women

Last week in Nigeria gossip blogging was dominated by some circus about... - it's already this week so who even cares?
The same week, I finally watched the first Sex and the City movie and also encountered some circus elsewhere that got me thinking about women and their peculiar madness.
I want answers.
Here are some answers.

First let me get this off my chest: if you want to be beautiful in my book, starrrr, show me some inner beauty.  All that drag-queen bizness may get you tagged as 'stunning', yeah, like he's stunning too.

To the point.  Ahem.  Here are some answers.

A chic who wants to understand men can do worse than learn to code. Honest. If you're already clever or mathy, jump right in with Coursera/RiceUniversity 's Python course. If not, here's a baby version. (But women are already right, so they don't need to learn no crude, male behaviour.)

A dude who wants to understand women?
At first I thought there is no formula, but the three women I studied helped me see one thing: CHIC EGO HUGE, BUT their flavour of selfishness is all about how they appear, not the food-clothing-sex-shelter-money they tangibly get. Understand "face" and you understand women.  What is face?  Watch Asian movies, get a Japanese roommate, or read chic lit.  100 hours to change your life. 

You're welcome.

What else do you need to know to live a long and happy life?  I'll let grandpa tell you -

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Three Sisters, alternative cover images

At lunch yesterday, I was telling a group of my kids (former students) to get Three Sisters, and one of them (I'm pretty sure her name is Tope) said, oh, I think I've seen it about, then proceeded to describe this 2011 magazine cover.
Monalisa Okojie (front), me, Uneku Atawodi(top)

Hmm, ok, now that you bring it has three sisters like the novel.  Monalisa would have to be Mona since she's the oldest, Neku the young adventurer would be Koko, and me zuzu.

Early feedback from readers: people really love Koko, want more Koko.  My favourite is...I really shouldn't say.  MonaThe one that makes me cry.  And yes, TheRe WILL Be more Koko, maybe in an additional chapter, an epilogue, or maybe in novel #2 (she'll be in her twenties then.) 

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