Saturday, November 26, 2011

I think this is perfect

Darey's Not The Girl is wonderful music + impeccable video. I just love to sing/watch this. "You're not the girl I used to know, you're a shadow of yourself // I think I lost you long ago..."

Friday, November 18, 2011

Suggestions for Indigestion

Feeling rather unwell this evening, with a mild fever accompanying indigestion.  Been sipping water as doctor said (it helps you burp/fart aka pass gas) but this may not be working quickly enough to keep my health within jolly bounds.
So, here's what I just learned online about fixing it: 

Number 1 advice: BURP.
2. Don't lie down after eating.  Sleep sitting up or supported with a pillow.
3. No-nos in diet: high-fructose corn syrup, carbonated drinks, cheese and dairy, coffee (take tea instead), fries/chips and fast foods, gluten (as in wheat bread). 
4. Add to diet: Garlic, natural fiber foods, and coconut oil.
5. Instead of 1-3 large meals, eat smaller meals throughout the day. 

6. You may need additional herbal and natural treatments, and of course pharmaceutical drugs as well.  Talk to a doctor. 

Note: The antibiotics in my treatment regime probably killed off the good bacteria in my gut as well as the bad ones.  Although the treatment is over, it appears that I need more time to regain the ability to digest complex foods.I ate several new things today: cheese, malt (the worst), moin-moin (made with beans) and had no fruits/veggies to speak of.

Other note: My current suffering also gives me a great appreciation of what infants go through with their little tiny stomachs processing all that milk.  It appears that the need to burp can make you very unhappy and even give you a fever.

Isn't this weird: Vitamin C and iron tablets can irritate the esophagus (read more) and excessive iron causes constipation.   Can't wait to be done with the medicines.

Helpful links:
What is indigestion/dyspepsia? 
Are there natural remedies for chronically unhappy stomachs?
Please comment if you have any suggestions.  Right now my tummy is at ease (sitting up to type must have helped) but the temperature is up.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Poem from Big Girl

by Tosin Otitoju

Please don’t call me “Madam”
In that way you have
Of lowering your head
Then darting forth
in my service.
You are making fun of me!
Is it money you want?
And go.

I got your message.
The one you share with
The rest of your people
When I’m not here.
The one in your eyes,
Which I can’t see
When your head is down.
The message that
hit me today
when I read that story
about the corrupt people
destroying their country.

I read about rising anger,
The streets unsafe,
With the accounting
For past deeds.

In the story,
Many were pulled
Out of their
Jeeps and mansions.
Some climbed into the trees
But were forced back down,
Pelted with coconuts.
The guilty were beaten.
Their clothes were torn
To reveal their
Pink baboon yansh –
Funny enough,
Just like everybody else’s.

Don’t call me “Madam”
When your blood is boiling
And you just want to
Drive a bamboo pole
through my chest
when the day comes.

I went to the animal fair.
I found crazy money there.
I arranged my pink yansh,
Adorned it with a sash,
I combed my ebony hair.

Just as baba with his friends
Terrorized the pups with his strength,
My sorority –
Called The Nipples Of Bling –
Brought the ladies to represent.

I’m guilty as sin.
They said we built a clinic –
Ha, we built a stage set.
With the lights and camera
At a special angle,
It looked like bricks and cement.
We spliced in sick people
Connected to drips.
They said we built a clinic –
We built CSR,
Corporate Social Responsibility,
There’s crazy money there.

So don’t call me “Madam”
With your head lowered
Suggesting I give you something,
When you are the royal
And I am the thief.

Don’t you call me “Madam.”
You won’t be calling me that
When your eyes are mad,
Your rage is exposed,
And the pole is through my heart.

Don’t you call me “Madam,”
Bloody hypocrite.
I am not in the mood.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What I'm doing with my life

Watching Cuidado Con El Ángel (Be Careful with The Angel).

I've been very ill (was very ill), recuperating, and asked my friends to bring me telenovellas to watch. Now I have a pile of them. The cheesiness is killing me. It's great therapy. THANK YOU. 

Other telenovellas I watched in the past:
Pasión de Gavilanes, in which the Reyes brothers pair off with the fine rich ladies of the manor...
and the one that started it all, El cuerpo del Deseo (The Body of Desire) also known as Second Chance.


I'm reading a bit too: Open City (nice; Teju Cole), and Sons and Lovers (again; D.H. Lawrence).  Reading slowly. Pretty weak.