Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Drake album review

It ought to be a crime: interrupting the hum of real life with humdrum - Pills and Potions, fake ass breaking the internet, stealth music or music-video album releases.  A decade-and-a-half ago, three black girls sang terrible compositions terribly and became famous for their efforts.  One of them became so rich and famous that poor musical taste became a genre, and now the copycats...please, musicians of the world, I'm in tears: stop making Beyonce music.  It is terrible.

The cutest thing about this stealth Drake "mixtape" so far is the album art:
If You're Reading This It's Too Late has been bought millions of times in half a week, therefore it's a success? Yes of course, Capitalism.
I am also grateful that the word was spelled Youre and not Your. 
'Cos that would have really driven me mad.  
Three tracks to go.  
Wow, I would lose the first n-4 and work from there.  Maybe the videos will be cute.  Nah.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day / T'Ekiti Easy

Me show her the power - Jesse Jagz
Prick no get shoulder - Brymo Olawale
Be careful and think it twice before you choose to use your device - Tuface
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Happy Valentine's Day, kids :)
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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Lift every voice and sing - Ms Williams (Serena the Great) returns to that tournament.

Source: Serena Takes A New Stand, by Steve Tignor for

“You don’t make these stands to accomplish a specific goal, I’ve come to realize. You make them because they’re right. You make them because you wouldn’t be here if someone didn’t make them for you, long before you were even born. You make them because somewhere, some little girl might be watching.”

“I look at pictures of me from that tournament—all fresh-faced and excited and looking sharp in my Puma jumper,” Serena wrote. “I looked so cute!... And yet those people were just ripping me. I was just a kid, and they were ripping me. I feel so badly for the little girl I was back then. How can you justify treating a child so badly?”
They did it 'cos they were scared
They do it 'cos they're afraid
“Thirteen years and a lifetime in tennis later, things feel different. A few months ago, when [whoever] made racist and sexist remarks about Venus and me, the WTA and USTA immediately condemned him. It reminded me how far the sport has come, and how far I’ve come, too."
"Indian Wells was a pivotal moment in my story, and I am a part of the tournament’s story as well. Together we have a chance to write a different ending.”

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Serena is one of the (maybe five? eight?) greatest tennis players of all time.