Thursday, January 17, 2008

Holy Cow


You know those times when everybody you meet falls in love with you (and vice-versa, to be honest) like you're a cow in heat or something? I wonder why that happens: maybe it happens when you're really happy, like in the past week in Lagos and now Cairo.
Guess what astrology has to say about this?Wow, I could never get married - except to you, Rafito.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Munchkin Land


Dispatch from Lagos where the weather is Puerto Rico warm and the mosquitoes have evolved into weapon-resistant giant mutants of the 20th century species. They've also evolved to not itch while they bite, a development I appreciate.

The internet is pay-as-you-go so I have to hurry. Liked arriving in Lagos, it reminds me a bit of Sana'a, though the latter is simpler, more serene. I'm enjoying it - the food, my brother and family, the flight...Looking forward to Cairo.

I'm to "do something" with my hair tomorrow, because my folks can't stand it not done in some fancy way. Better than last time, when I had to get it done within 24hrs of arrival; next time I won't oblige at all.

Happy New Year.